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What Are We Looking For? (探し物はなんですか Sagashimono wa Nan Desu ka?) is the sixth episode of Ressha Sentai ToQger. This episode marks the debut of Tank Ressha and ToQ-Oh Tank.


Right managed to find one of the missing Support Ressha while out in the woods, so he and Tokatti go out to find it. However, General Schwarz has been spying on the ToQgers and heads out to capture the Support Ressha for the Shadow Line.


Upon learning that Right had just seen one of the missing Support Ressha while out in the woods, the team returns to the forest to look for it, as he has forgotten its exact location. However, General Schwartz and his soldiers appear and reveal his intention to claim the lost Ressha for himself, and the ToQgers fight him, just to be easily defeated. Using Tokatti as a hostage, Schwartz coerces Right into leading him to the Ressha's location. While the other ToQgers, who managed to flee, decide that to save their captive friends, they must retrieve the Ressha first. They remember that when Right went to find some food, he had brought some bamboo sprouts with him, leading them to realize that the Ressha must be hidden inside a bamboo forest. While walking through the forest, Right remembers exactly where the Ressha is located and attempts to mislead General Schwartz with no success. When he decides to dispose of them, the other ToQgers flee, taking the newfound Tank Ressha with them. General Schwartz pursues them with his personal Kuliner, and after disposing of the Close with their ToQ Blasters, ToQ 1gou and 2gou rush after them on the Red Ressha. Powered up by the Tank Ressha's energy supply, the Red Ressha overcomes General Schwartz's Kuliner. He converts it into a Kuliner Robo and the ToQgers form ToQ-Oh to fight it. By equipping the Tank Ressha to form ToQ-Oh Tank, the ToQgers defeat General Schwartz with the ToQ-Oh Tank's Tank Upper. The wounded General manages to survive the battle and return to the Castle Terminal where he is mocked one last time by Right via the bug he laid on the Ressha, before Right destroys it.


Transfer Changes

Toqger episode 6

ToQ 1gou Blue & ToQ 2gou Red


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DVD/Blu-ray releases

Ressha Sentai ToQger Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: Station 5: The Other Side of the Line Has Vanished, Station 6: What Are We Looking For?, Station 7: Inconsolable, Unmotivatable and Station 8: Rainbow Line's Great Explosion.

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