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The Meeting with the Oncoming Train (対向車との合流点 Taikōsha to no Gōryūten) is the twenty-ninth episode of Ressha Sentai ToQger. This episode marks the debut of Hikari as Hyper ToQ 4gou.


General Schwarz approaches the ToQgers so they can join forces to defeat Emperor Z.


Having survived Emperor Z's attack and repaired his Kurainer, General Schwarz sees he needs the Drill Ressha to enact his revenge. General Schwarz finds ToQ 6gou as he is attacked by Baron Nero's top subordinate Bottle Shadow, fighting the Shadow Creep before the other ToQgers' arrival forces Bottle Shadow off. Talking to Akira in private, General Schwarz express his need to defeat Emperor Z by any means necessary as he requests an alliance with the ToQgers. Though the others think it is unwise to befriend him, Right decides to see General Schwarz's resolve and accepts after the others see it to avenge Miss Glitta. Soon after, when Bottle Shadow returns, the ToQgers enact General Schwarz's strategy before the Shadow Creep reveals an additional attack that disarms ToQ 6gou. Having known this fact, General Schwarz reveals his true colors as he takes the Drill Ressha as ToQ 1gou furiously fights him. After the item is knocked way from ToQ 1gou, ToQ 4gou uses the Hyper Ressha to become Hyper ToQ 4gou as he and use the other ToQgers Hyper 4 Connection Crash to destroy Bottle Shadow. General Schwarz then summons his Kurainer and forms Kurainer Drill to fight Diesel-Oh before escaping while ToQ-Oh destroys the enlarged Bottle Shadow. Later at the Ressha, Right apologizes as he lost their only means to enter Shadow Towns before Akira assures him and the others that they will get it back.


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Station 29 - Daikaiten Cannon

First appearance of Hyper ToQ 4gou


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Ressha Sentai ToQger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Station 29: The Meeting with the Oncoming Train, Station 30: The Birthday Celebration, Station 31: The Hyper Train Terminal and Station 32: Determination.

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