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Starfish Mozoo (ヒトデモズー Hitode Mozū, 16) is the starfish-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark.

Character History

Showed up on the beach and attack an electric plant near the beach. Attack Goggle-V Machine and Cougar. First fight was at the beach against Goggle-V. Goggle-V used Ribbon Sparks against him but it did not work Hitode deflected the energy back at Goggle-V. Goggle-V used Lightning Rope but again deflected back. Hitode threw out some more Small Hitodes at Goggle-V to drain their energy but quickly stopped with their sabres. Hitode claimed Goggle Machine as his own. While Goggle-V had Hitode, Mazurka, General Desgiller and Spotmen searching which box has the organ. He attack Goggle Yellow and Black trying to find it. After Desdark clan figured it out that Goggle Red has the box all them went after Goggle Red. Goggle Black figured out a way to stop his small hitodes. The rest of Goggle-V showed up. Hitode fired a light beam at Goggle-V and dropped them to the ground. Goggle Black use Black Shadow to go under the Small Hitodes attack to fight Hitode. Small hitodes attack Hitode because of a controller was place on him. Goggle Red used his Red Ruby Whip. The rest followed that with Goggle Victory Flash.


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He could spawn robotic parasitic starfish, swim, fire an electric ray from his eye, and rechannel surges back at their source.

Behind the Scenes


Concept art


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  • Starfish Mozoo is the only Mozoo to not have any Kong sent to assist him and one of two who was considered dead after taking the Goggle V team finisher (in its case, Goggle Victory Flash).


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