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Starfish Evo (ヒトデシンカ Hitodeshinka, 26) is the starfish-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Starfish Evo was used by Prince Megiddo to take over a lighthouse in Atami, abducting the owner of the lighthouse and preparing to use its beam to attack tankers and buildings at sea and on land as far away as Tokyo. The son of the lighthouse keeper escapes from their grasp and encounters the Dynaman, who decide to help rescue his father even as Starfish Evo and the Jashinka pursue them and even increases its power with a larger, more powerful lens attached to its body. As the other Dynaman protect the lighthouse, Shima storms the cave where the keeper was kept and frees him allowing for the two to reunite.

During a later confrontation, the Dynaman face Starfish Evo and have a hard time facing it due to its solar beam continuously melting their weapons; however DynaBlue finally handles it by cooling it down with his DynaRod and multiple attacks from his Attack Board prior to the team finally weakening it with Super Dynamite. After undergoing Big Bang Progress, Starfish Evo attacks DynaRobo and even melts its DynaShield with the solar beam, but the team decide to use the Science Sword to collect and reflect the energy back, harming it long enough to finish it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Starfish Evo can emit a "Starfish Solar Beam" utilizing both the solar energy it has collected and a special lens that is equipped on its abdomen to create high density solar beams that can attack and destroy its opponents and even crush most Dynaman weapons. It can also use its long tongue for ensnaring, create mines in the shape of starfish, jump high, change its size, and uses a mace staff.


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Behind the Scenes

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