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Star Carrier (スターキャリア Sutā Kyaria) is a ship built by Doctor Hoshikawa to use when returning to Earth. It is stolen by Gunther but eventually given back to the Fivemen.


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Star Five

Star Five (スターファイブ Sutā Faibu) is the Fivemen's second robot. When the command "Transformation! Star Round!" (変形! スターラウンド! Henkei! Sutā Raundo!) is given, the sides of Star Carrier become the lower legs, with the landing wheels like the back. The rear of the underside forms the upper legs, the cockpit forms the shield, gun, and back, and the frontal underside becomes the arms. It destroys monsters with its main weapon, the Star-Gun (スターガン Sutā Gan). Star Five can also suspend enemies in the air with its Star Hang Beam. It forms the helmet, body, arms and lower legs of the Super Fiverobo.

It was heavily damaged in episode 44 when the giant robot Big Garoan defeated the Super Five Robo. It returned in episode 46 to battle the monster Rose/Dolgin.

Super Five Robo

Super Five Robo (スーパーファイブロボ Sūpā Faibu Robo): The combination of the Fiverobo and the Star Five into a powerful robot. The two robots combine when the command "Fusion! Super Brother Joint!" (合体! スーパーブラザージョイント! Gattai! Sūpā Burazā Jointo!) is given. The Star Five's lower legs become the Super Five Robo's foot and lower legs, which increases the robo's size to roughly 1.4 times the Five Robo's size. The upper legs, along with the back landing wheels, form the arms (despite the fact of his hands seems to be "real", closed hands in the series, and not the Star Five's four-segmented upper legs like in the toy). The Star Five's arms and body make up the body armor (with the Star Five's cabin as the chest) and the helmet. The Star Five's shield and gun components do not join in the formation. In the Philippine Dub, the command is the same as in Fiverobo's fusion components. Once the combination is formed the Super Fiverobo, it commands as Super Fiverobo Complete!.

It is armed with the Jet Knuckles (ジェットナックル Jetto Nakkuru), Super Five Beam, and it destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack, the Super Vector Punch (スーパーベクトルパンチ Sūpā Bekutoru Panchi). It was first used to destroy the monster Barrugin. It was temporarily destroyed in episode 44 by the giant robot Big Garoan, but it returned in episode 47. It was the last standing force to destroy Vulgyre in the end.

Riding Five Robo

When Kourogin took out the combination systems in both Five Robo and Star Five, the Fiveman had Five Robo jump onto Star Carrier, creating the Riding Five Robo. Its finishing attack is the Flying Attack, where Five Robo jumps off of Star Carrier and strikes an enemy using the Super Dimensional Sword. 



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