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Prisoner #0139, Stalker Detective Abel (ストーカー刑事・アベル Stōkā Keiji Aberu, 34): An Intercity police officer who turned villainous and became an assassin, using a mind control toxin to recruit others into his assassin group.

Around the year 2997 he became completely obsessed with his colleague Yuri, wanting nothing else than to be with her. He even went as far as to follow her home every day. After Yuri told this to her superior, Abel was fired, with the reason being that he lacked the qualities of being an investigator. Still infatuated with Yuri, he decided to become a criminal, hoping Yuri would be the one on his case. Unfortunately for him, he was found and arrested by an entirely different department. 

In the year 2000, he was released to make money for Dolnero. He had a reputation for doing business with other unsavory underworld figures as well. Deciding to investigate, Yuri joins the Assassin Group to find Abel. Abel overpowers her and uses his mind control toxin on her, turning her into his ideal pupil to finish the assassination attempt his subordinate failed to accomplish. His hope was that if Yuri commited a crime, she would be forced to live with him as a fellow criminal. TimeRed intervened and saved Yuri, giving her the antidote. Once she changed back, TimePink defeated Abel, but he enlarged and was quickly brought in by Shadow Beta with some help from V-Rex Robo.


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