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"This world is a real mess. So, this place has already been scrapped, then."
―Stacy's first words when regarding Garbage World's mess.[src]

"Don't you recognize...Your own son?"
―Stacy when revealing himself to Mobile Commander Barashitara.[src]

"I see. You're a Zenkaiger, then? Interesting."
―Stacy when Kaito revealed himself to be a Zenkaiger by accident.[src]

"Part of them? Hardly. I'm Stacy. And that's all I am. Get them."
―Stacy introducing himself to the Zenkaigers after Kaito asked if he was part of the Tojitendo.[src]

"Dark Power, Stacaesar! (暗黒のパワー, ステイシーザー! Ankoku no Pawā, Suteishīzā!)"
―Stacasear's roll call.[src]

"Dark Power! Stacaesar! To become stronger than him...I'll defeat the Zenkaigers!"
―Stacy after using the Geartozinger to become Stacasear for the first time.[src]

Stacy (ステイシー Suteishī) is a mysterious general from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo. He is also known as the Tojitendo's demon prince and is the son of Mobile Commander Barashitara. Using the Geartozinger, he gains the ability to transform into Stacaesar (ステイシーザー Suteishīzā).

Upon meeting Yatsude Goshikida, he would adopt the alias Satoshi (サトシ Satoshi) during his interactions with her, as well as in other situations where he chooses not to have his true identity revealed.

After his initial defeat at the hands of Zenkaizer, he was later repaired and given a few upgrades by Mechanic Officer Ijirude, with the upgraded form being referred to in promotional materials as Stacaesar Kyoka (ステイシーザー (強化) Suteishīzā Kyōka).[1] He would ultimately take over Hakaizer's role in protecting Worlds.

Character History


Stacy was born as the son of Barashitara and his 893rd wife, making him a Kikainoid-human hybrid. The neglect from his father, as well as the death of his mother, deeply affected Stacy emotionally, and turned him into a dark, aloof person.Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!


Stacy is first seen as an extremely strange man watching the Zenkaigers with their incredible clean-up operation to uncover Garbage World standing up on a balcony muttering about the chances they have against the Tojitendo. Kaito Goshikida notices him and asks for a hand moving some trash but Stacy just stares off into the distance. He continues watching them fall asleep thanks to Garbage World's memetic trash waves and considers them pathetic before back-flipping off of the balcony and leaving. After the death of Great Garbage World, Barashitara laments the loss of Gomitopia only for Stacy to reveal himself from under the platform by jumping up from under it and introduces himself to his father. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 6-kai! Unpleasant and Mysterious Garbage Handling!

A few days later, Stacy sits in the Candy Cafe Colorful eating karinto when Kaito enters and recognizes him from the other day. Although Kaito is excited about this, Stacy's response is the verbal equivalent of a bored shrug amounting to "huh, whatcha know." Whilst the other Zenkaigers cause chaos in the kitchen, Kaito introduces himself to Stacy but the latter refuses to give his name because he's not important enough to justify although Kaito's naivety makes him think that Stacy is a celebrity trying to downplay his fame. After Kaito starts yelling random occupations in his face, Stacy finally asks what is wrong with him and Kaito reveals his nature as a hero and a part-time worker but Stacy walks away bored and telling Kaito that he makes no sense. However, when Kaito gets a call about an attack by some Kudakks, he runs past Stacy who decides to join him under the pretense of happening to go the same way. Though Kaito becomes suspicious when Stacy also follows him onto a rooftop, they soon find that the fight is over just for Stacy to find that his new "friend" is a Zenkaiger given he pulls out his Geartlinger. He then shocks the Zenkaigers when he pulls out a Sentai Gear and Geartlinger of his own dubbed the Geartozinger. Kaito demands to know how Stacy knows his parents (since they designed the Geartlingers) but he denies all knowledge and henshins into uses the Sentai Gear to create evil Gorengers. Though the Zenkaigers initially think that they are real, Kaito and Juran are smacked down and Stacy reveals that he is essentially a gun for hire brought in by Ijirude to eliminate them. Although Kaito asks if he is part of the Tojitendo, Stacy denies this as he is just Stacy before ordering his evil clones into battle. After they henshin, he then creates clones of the Boukengers and Magirangers so Juran tries to strike Stacy down but Gaon sabotages him due to an ongoing rivalry and self-loathing. Outnumbered, they are easily beaten down and are forced to retreat with the power of the Kakurangers much to Stacy's disappointment.

Later, whilst Kaito and Gaon have a heart to heart on a bench, Stacy summons both the Gorangers and now the Gaorangers to attack them whilst isolated even as he stands on a roof. However, they hold thier own until the other Zenkaigers arrive which allows Kaito to confront Stacy for his behavior. When confronted about his species, Stacy reveals himself to be a hybrid before using his ultimate Tojiru Gear to become a Zenkaiger-like being dubbed Stacaesar. Determined to surpass his father by killing the Zenkaigers, Stacy tries to gun down Kaito but he takes cover (but is glanced by a bullet) before henshining. However, even morphed, Kaito is no match for Stacy so they jump off of the pavilion and continue fighting but the Zenkaigers defeat the Gaorangers with thier own fighting style and then the Gorengers with the Gorenger Storm which acts as an eraser and rubs them out. However, Stacy reveals himself and summons giant evil versions of Daizyuzin, GaoKing, MagiKing and Daibouken. They blast down the Zenkaigers but Kaito remains to fight Stacy whilst the others fight the Giant Robos but they are an even match and the evil mecha easily tear apart JuraGaon and VrooMagine. Stacy easily punches down Kaito as he gawks but is then restrained as the Zenkaigers summon a massive Geartlinger Bazooka with thier own gears and use the Liveman Sentai Gear as ammo. Using a move similar to the Timerangers' VolTech Bazooka, they obliterate the Giant Robos so Stacaesar unleashes almost every (primary) Giant Robo in Super Sentai history much to the Zenkaigers' collective horror. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 7-kai! The Prince of the Demon World is Short-Tempered!

Stacy proceeds to summon the remaining few Giant Robos left though he has to fight off Kaito as well. Suddenly however, the Giant Robos all collectively vanish much to even Stacy's surprise. As the Zenkaigers shrink down, Stacy is now heavily outnumbered and unable to use his weapon just to be confronted by his father and Door World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!


Stacy is initially presented when the audience first sees him as a distant and disjointed individual who looks at the world from a very disconnected perspective. In actuality, Stacy is a cold and aloof half-human half-Kikainoid who is very goal-oriented and is not the type to do things for personal motive. Stacy is often shown giving a long blank thousand yard stare into the camera due to having a strong emotional disconnect. He has a short fuse. When annoyed, he opts to leave the vicinity of the cause quickly. Stacy harbors deep resent to his father Barashitara due to how he treated him and his mother, motivating him to go against him and grasp his own achievements with his own hands. He does what he has to to surpass his father, and took up Ijirude's offer and the Geartozinger to combat the Zenkaigers. When initially fighting the Zenkaigers, Stacy mentions that it is nothing personal, and instead a task he was hired for. After a hostile one-to-one with Kaito and realizing the differences between his pessimism and Kaito's optimism towards their own parents, he becomes resentful of him, and made it his goal to defeat Kaito personally.

After meeting Yatsude Goshikida, Stacy is reminded of his late mother and spends time with her in the Candy Cafe Colorful under the name "Satoshi." When he finds out that she is Kaito's own grandmother, his goals conflict as he does not want to let her know of his business as a part of the Tojitendo but he still wants to defeat Kaito.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Stacy is able to teleport at will.
  • Kudaitest Summoning: Being a Tojitendo General, Stacy can summon a Kudaitest at will.


  • Gun-play-Stacy is a master with his Geartozinger, exceeding the main Zenkaigers and matching Zox.
  • Fitness-Stacy is very fit, able to keep up with Kaito at a full sprint without getting winded.
  • Hand to Hand Combat-Stacy was able to fight and defeat all five Zenkaigers with his bare hands.
  • Agility: Stacy is capable of leaping over long distances with just a thrust from his hand.
  • Tennis Proficiency: Having played tennis with his mother since childhood, Stacy is very proficient in the sport and could even defeat Tennis World in a tennis battle.



"Jaban! Stacaesar!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 180 cm [2]
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Speed: 80 km/h
  • Power: 1550 hp

Much like Zenkaizer, Stacaesar excels in gun-play and hand-to-hand combat and can keep up with the latter. Unlike Zenkaiser however, he is much more liberal with Sentai Gear usage, and will not refrain from using several in quick succession to overwhelm his enemies with greater numbers both on a human-sized level and a Giant Robo level.

After the revelation that the Geartozinger cannot use too many Dark Gears at once, he tones down his usage.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Stacy is able to overwhelm Kaito in his Zenkaiger with his bare hands as Stacaesar and knock him flat with one hit to the face.
  • Durability-Stacy as Stacaesar had an explosion occur immediately behind him but was unhurt and jumping down from a considerable height did no harm.


  • Geartozinger Overuse: Ijirude revealed that if one uses too many Dark Gears at once in conjunction with the Geartozinger, it will run out of energy, causing all of its summons to dissipate. Stacaeser still stayed transformed however, meaning that the energy depletion only applies to Dark Gear summons.


  • Geartozinger - Stacy's sidearm.
    • Rapid Blast-Stacaesar can fire a barrage of yellow bullets from the tip of the Geartozinger.
    • Evil Ranger Creation-Stacy can insert a Sentai Gear into the Geartozinger to fire it and create a team of evil Sentai Rangers to fight the Zenkaigers.
    • Evil Mecha Summoning-Stacy as Stacaesar can insert an unknown Tojiru Gear into the Geartozinger and fire it to generate a massive purple wave in the city. From it emerges four massive stone pillars from which past Giant Robos emerge.
    • Caesar Ankoku Jabakugeki (シーザー暗黒邪爆撃 Shīzā Ankoku Jabakugeki, lit. Caesar Dark Shadow Blast): Stacy's signature attack and finisher as Stacaesar. After initiating the finisher of his Geartozinger, Stacy fires a blast that bursts into a large explosion on impact.
  • Dark Sentai Gears - The evil counterparts of the Sentai Gears. With his Dark Sentai Gears, Stacy summons manifestations of past Sentai teams and/or Robos to fight against the Zenkaigers.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 7-8, 12-14, 22-23

Stacaesar Kyoka

Stacaesar Kyoka (With Chest Cannon)

"Fe-ban! Stacaesar!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 180 cm [3]
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Speed: 80 km/h
  • Power: 1550 hp

Stacaesar Kyoka (ステイシーザー (強化) Suteishīzā Kyōka) is the upgraded form of Stacaesar. In this form, he is able to summon past Sentai Rangers in their power-up forms, and is equipped with various additional pieces of arsenal through Ijirude's modifications, which vastly improve and augment his combat abilities.


  • Geartozinger - Stacaesar's transformation device and sidearm.
  • Dark Sentai Gears - The evil counterparts of the Sentai Gears. With his Dark Sentai Gears, Stacy summons manifestations of past Sentai teams and/or Robos to fight against the Zenkaigers.
  • Shield - Stacaeser's upgrade includes a red shield that becomes one of his primary weapons.
  • Caesar Ankoku Ryuseigun (シーザー暗黒流醒群 Shīzā Ankoku Ryūseigun, lit. Caesar Dark Meteor Shower) - A wrist-mounted rocket launcher on Staceaser's right arm. It could hold up to 6 rockets at a time for simultaneous fire, and after detonation more missiles are quickly prepared for launch. To fire the Ankoku Ryuseigun, Stacesar was required to unequip his shield. If the missiles did not detonate, they did not regenerate.
  • Caesar Jaou Houkougeki (シーザー邪王砲皇撃 Shīzā Jaou Houkougeki, lit. Caesar Dark Emperor Cannon Blast) - A cannon deployed from the gear symbol on Stacaeser's chest that could charge and fire powerful blasts of energy when in use.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 26-29, 32-33, 35-39


"Yon-Juu-Go Bang! Ba-Bang! Ba-Bang! Ba-Bang! Ba-Bang! Babababang! Zenkaizer!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 190 cm[4]
  • Weight: 90 kg[4]
  • Speed: 100 km/h[4]
  • Power: 1500 hp[4]

Inhabiting Kaito Goshikida's body due to actions of Inverted World, Stacy transformed into Zenkaizer to join the fight.

As with all of the Zenkaigers, Zenkaizer exceeds in gunmanship, though due to lacking a personal weapon, he also specializes in freestyle and physical hand-to-hand combat. His sole access to the Sentai Gears adds to his and the Zenkaiger's abilities. Zenkaizer would later gain the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon, allowing him to counter Stacaesar's Dark Sentai Gear summons.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 32

Behind the Scenes



Stacaesar and Battle Japan standing together in episode 32.

  • Stacaesar's helmet and scarf resemble the design of Battle Japan from Battle Fever J. Stacaesar also bears shoulder and chest piece designs that resembled Zenkaizer, with the circle in the middle resembling the design of a Tojirugear instead.


Stacy's official name spelling.

Stacy's official name spelling as per official merchandise advertisement!

  • Stacaesar's name was an amalgamation of "Stacy" and "Caesar". The "Caesar" in Stacaesar's name was an allusion with Zenkaizer's "Kaiser" as they respectively are the Latin and German words for an imperial title based on the historical figure of Julius Caesar.



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