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"Dark Power! Stacaesar!"
―Stacasear's Roll Call[src]

Stacey (ステイシー Suteishī) is a mysterious general from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo. He is also known as the Tojitendo's demon prince[1] and also the son of Mobile Commander Barashitara.[2]

He later gains the Geartozinger and gains the ability to transform into Stacaesar (ステイシーザー Suteishīzā)

Character History

Stacey was born as the son of Barashitara and his 893rd wife, making him a Kikainoid-human hybrid. The neglect from his father, as well as the death of his mother, deeply affected Stacey emotionally, and turned him into a dark, aloof personTvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!.


A cold and aloof individual, Stacey is very goal-oriented. He is not the type to do things for personal motive, and he has a short fuse. When annoyed, he opts to leave the vicinity of the cause.

He harbors deep resent to his father Barashitara due to how he treated him and his mother, motivating him to go against him. He does what he has to to surpass his father, and took up Ijirude's offer and used the Geartozinger to fight the Zenkaigers.

When initially fighting the Zenkaigers, he mentions that it is nothing personal, and instead something he was hired for. After a hostile one-to-one with Kaito and realizing the differences between his pessimism and Kaito's optimism towards their parents, he becomes resentful of him, and made it his goal to defeat Kaito personally.

Despite his cold persona he has moments of happiness, such as when playfully competing with Kaito.


Powers and Abilities

  • Agility: Stacey is capable of leaping over long distances with just a thrust from his hand.
  • Kudaitest Sumoning: Being a Tojitendo General, Stacey can summon a Kudaitest at will.



"Jaban! Stacaesar!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 180 cm [3]
  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Speed: 80 km/h
  • Power: 1550 hp

Much like Zenkaiser, Stacaesar excels in gunplay and hand-to-hand combat, and can keep up with the latter. Unlike Zenkaiser however, he is much more liberal with Sentai Gear usage, and will not refrain from using several in quick succession to overwhelm his enemies with greater numbers both on a human-sized level and a Giant Robo level.

After the revelation that the Geartozinger cannot use too many Dark Gears at once, he tones down his usage.




  • Caesar Darkness Shadow Crunch: After initiating the finisher of his Geartozinger, Stacey fires a blast that bursts into a large explosion on impact.


  • Geartozinger Overuse: Ijirude revealed that if one uses too many Dark Gears at once in conjunction with the Geartozinger, it will run out of energy, causing all of its summons to dissipateTvicon.png TV STORY-No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!. Stacaeser still stayed transformed however, meaning that the energy depletion only applies to Dark Gear summons.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 7-

Transformation and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes


  • Stacey is portrayed by Ryo Sekoguchi (世古口 凌 Sekoguchi Ryō). His suit actor as Stacaesar is Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元 Kanzaki Hajime).


  • Stacaesar's helmet and scarf resemble the design of Battle Japan from Battle Fever J, and his spandex pattern resembles the design of Gekirangers. Stacaesar also bears shoulder and chest piece designs that parallel with Zenkaizer, who much like him donned a cape when transformed.


  • Stacaesar's name is an amalgamation of "Stacey" and "Caesar". The "Caesar" in Stacaesar's name is an allusion with Zenkaizer's "Kaiser" as they respectively are the Latin and German words for an imperial title based on the historical figure of Julius Caesar.


  • Stacey is the first Tojitendo general to have a human appearance.
  • His ability to summon past Sentai Rangers and past Sentai Giant Robos makes him similar to Basco ta Jolokia from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, as well as Daiki KaitoIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider DecadeIcon-crosswiki.png.
    • Both Gokaiger and Zenkaiger are anniversary season with similar premises, with both featuring similar elements to each other; Basco himself appeared in the first Zenkaiger special, while Gokai Red inspired Twokaizer, the series' sixth ranger.
  • The kanji that appears during Stacaesar's transformation background is "崇帝示威座亜", which reads the same as "Suteishīzā".
  • Stacaesar's eyes resembles the kanji "三" and "王". This might be a reference to the third entry of Super Sentai Battle Fever J, and the Caeser leitmotif.



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