This article is about a/an Gruesome Grunt in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.
"No! We switched back!"

Stabberous was a swiss army knife-themed Gruesome Grunt who appeared in the Halloween Intergalactic Court in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Character History

He appears with the other Gruesome Grunts and his body is switched by Versix with Preston’s before going to Court. Stabberous in Preston's body claimed that Stabberous was cutting up everything until the Rangers defeated him with a Ninja Metal attack. Once Versix gets caught, he admits to switching the bodies, in reality it's Mick Kanic, disguised as Versix. When the Court Witch switches their bodies back, he is vaporised by the Jack-O’Lantern Judges.


He is a rough and arrogant punk with an absolutely grating voice.

Powers and Abilities

Blade Arms: He uses those to cut down anything down to size.


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