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"Don't speak too soon!"

Squidrose is a chameleon/balsam/pharmacy prescription monster, with form of squids. He appears in the episode In your Dreams.

Character History

After having calamari for dinner, Tommy dreams (under Elsa's influence) that he fights as the Black Ranger against Squidrose. Squidrose takes the Black Ranger's staff, and in the proccess causes him to into Super Dino Mode and destroys him. But when Squidrose grows, the other Dino Rangers show up fashionably late and form the Thundersaurus Megazord to defeat him. In Your Dreams

Powers and Abilities

  • Squid Missile: Combined with ADN of squid, he can shoot missile with form of the Cephalopod.


  • Left flower Hand: With his left hand, he can shoot projectiles.
  • Right Tentacle Arm: With his tentacle, he can attack to his enemies.
  • Wrapper: Combined with a pharmacy prescription, he can throw a wrapper and wrapped the enemies
  • Explosive Medicaments: Combined with a pharmacy prescription, he can throw medicaments that explote and attack to enemies to distance.

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