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"Don't speak too soon!"
―Squidrose after being enlarged.[src]

Squidrose is a chameleon/balsam/pharmacy prescription monster that resembles a squid. He appears as the supporting antagonist in the episode In your Dreams.

Character History

After having calamari for dinner, Tommy dreams (under Elsa's influence) that he fights as the Black Ranger against Squidrose. The monster takes the Black Ranger's staff, and in the process causes him to go Super Dino Mode and destroy him. But when Squidrose grows, the other Dino Rangers show up fashionably late and form the Thundersaurus Megazord to defeat him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In Your Dreams


Squidrose was a cunning, mischievous and trixie and wanted to destroy the Dino Rangers. But he is also very mischievous and has a comedic side.

Powers and Abilities

  • Medicament Creation: Combined with a pharmacy prescription, he is able to create medicaments that he can throw, which will explode and attack enemies from a distance.


  • Left Flower Arm: Squidrose has a left arm covered by pink flowers in combat.
    • Squid Missiles: Combined with DNA of a squid, he can shoot red and green missiles that resemble Cephalapods from his fingers or wrist.
    • Lasers: Squidrose is able to fire large orange lasers from his hand.
  • Right Tongue Tentacle Arm: Squidrose also has a tongue-like tentacle for a right arm in combat.
  • Brachio Staff: Squidrose briefly stole Tommy's Brachio Staff until Tommy retrieved it from him.
  • Wrapper: Combined with a pharmacy prescription, he can throw a wrapper to ensnare his enemies with.
    • Constriction: Squidrose can also cause the wrapper to constrict his opponents.

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