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Squid Evo (イカシンカ Ikashinka, 20) is the squid-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Squid Evo accompanied Megiddo and Chimera to the island of Amakusa to help Jashinka acquire a microfilm for a solar cannon, a weapon which would create a powerful beam using the sun's unlimited power. The Dynaman face it multiple times while trying to get the microfilm to prevent the Jashinka from gaining it; eventually facing and defeating the Evolution Beast with Super Dynamite, then destroying it permanently with DynaRobo.


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Modus and Arsenal

Squid Evo can jump high into the air, constrict and attack with its stretched out tentacle for the left arm that also emits electricity, and fire a noxious ink from the right arm. It can also slip by opponents by flattening its body into surume (similar to the dried squid/cuttlefish snack).

Behind the scenes


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