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"That's genius. You've come to the right monster, Madame Odius."
―Spyclops' first lines after Madame Odius explained the plan.[src]

"Am I your type? Be honest."
―Jess transforming into Spyclops while talking to Victor after brainwashing Levi.[src]

"This whirlwind really blows!"
―Spyclops' final words before her initial defeat.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Spyclops when being gigantified.[src]

"Oh! Ah! This isn't good!"
―Spyclops' final words before her death.[src]

Monster Transformation

Spyclops was a fountain pen/cyclops/umbrella-themed contestant on the second season of Galaxy Warriors. She was the main antagonist of the episode "Tough Love".


Spyclops is first seen in the Warrior Dome with Madame Odius as she casts spells a sheet of music and explains the plan to hypnotize the Ninja Steel Rangers into becoming evil and steal their Ninja Power Stars. She goes to Earth, where she turns into a young human girl named Jess and begins her performance. Victor and Monty show up with Victor offering her a date but she turns him down. When the Power Rangers come along, she continues her song which attacks everybody, with Levi showing up and singing along with her. Due to that song being one of his, Levi falls in love with her. They run off together after an army of Basherbots appear. As Levi and Jess make their way up a stand, another Basherbot appears and prepares to fight them but Jess grabs a shovel and defeats it much to Levi's surprise. After the Rangers depart, Jess changes back into her true form and gloats on how Levi will love her. As both she and Levi are alone, Jess talks him into changing his cowboy appearance into something new. The sheet of music, as a spell, changes Levi into a jerk and causes him to turn against the Rangers. Later on, both Jess and Levi appear in stage and attempt to sing a song but the fans do not like it and began to leave the stage and, after Levi sings the whole song, he becomes evil. Victor and Monty appear again with Victor now dressed in a cowboy outfit. Now annoyed, Jess turns back into Spyclops and scares the two off as the crowd leave in fear and the Buzzcams arrive.

As the Rangers approach, they are too late much to their dismay and to make matters worst, the now evil Levi destroys the sheet, thus preventing Preston from reading it backwards and breaking the spell. He then morphs and the Ninja Steel Rangers do the same to take him and Spyclops on. As Brody and Hayley battle Levi and the Yellow Ranger finds the torn pieces of the sheet, Sarah does battle with Spyclops. Though the monster was a match at first, Sarah is able to best her long enough for the other Rangers to undo the spell and free Levi. This annoys Spyclops, who races off to the quarry. Once there, she gains an upper hand over the Rangers by flying into the air and blasting them with explosive ink but Levi and Brody combine the Storm Star's Ninja Tornado Attack and Steel Slash Final Attack. Doing so creates the Red Tornado Strike Final Attack which destroys Spyclops, knocking her out of the air where she complains about the tornado attack before imploding.

Spyclops is gigantified by Cosmo Royale and the Rangers form the Ninja Steel Megazord and the Bull Rider Megazord to take her on. She flies away and has the advantage with her explosive ink but is knocked from the sky by the Astro Zord and smacked away by the Bull Rifle. The Rangers then form the Ninja Fusion Zord and Spyclops is destroyed by the Master Slash Final Attack with her bemoaning her defeat before spinning sideways and exploding.



As Jess, Spyclops' personality was a happy go lucky young singer who is kind, polite, loved music, and was also in love with Levi. In her true form, she was cold, wicked, and willing to do anything in her power to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

Powers and Abilities


  • Human Form: Spyclops could turn into a human named Jess just like Shoespike before her.
  • Flight: Spyclops could fly by spinning her umbrella-like head around.
  • Ink Spray: Spyclops could release a barrage of ink from the pens sticking out underneath the sides of her head, though she only did this while hovering in mid-air.


  • Speech: Spyclops was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.
    • Singing: As Jess, she could sing a beautiful song.


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  • Fists-Spyclops had no weapons but did have fists to use in battle.
  • Guitar: As Jess, she possessed a guitar for which she can make music with.
  • Shovel: As Jess, she used a random shovel to defeat a Basherbot.
  • Music Sheet: An enchanted spell given to Spyclops by Odius which, when fully sung, will turn whoever sings it evil.

Behind the Scenes



  • Spyclops's design is a cross between an umbrella and a fountain pen.
    • In addition to her Sentai counterpart's design, Spyclops was based upon the Kasa-obake, Yokai in Japanese folklore and mythology which are sometimes, but not always, considered a tsukumogami that old umbrellas turn into.


  • Her name was a play on spy and cyclops to fit her appearance and infiltrator role.


  • Just like Toxitea and Cleocatra before her, her Sentai counterpart is actually a male monster.
    • This was changed to make her relationship with Levi heterosexual which parents would most likely have a problem with.
  • The concept of Levi being brainwashed to fight the Rangers was an American exclusive idea. Although the episode used Sentai footage of him fighting the Rangers, specifically the shots centered around the bandstand battle, the original context was him being so distrustful towards the other Ninningers that he considered them a threat to him. All shots of Spyclops during this scene were either insert shots away from the other characters or had her digitally edited into the background.
    • Although Kinji did turn evil at one point in Ninninger, it had nothing to do with Spyclops's counterpart and was instead, a result of being jabbed by the claws of Western Yokai Wolf Man. Said plot was never used because he was only ever around Japanese people.


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