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"That's genius. You've come to the right Monster, Madame Odius."
―Spyclops first lines after Odius explains the plan.[src]
"Am I your type? Be honest."
―Jess transforming into Spyclops after brainwashing Levi.[src]
"This whirlwind really blows!"
―Spyclops' final words before her initial defeat.[src]
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Spyclops when being Gigantified.[src]
"Oh! Ah! This isn't good!"
―Spyclops' final words before her death.[src]

Spyclops was a fountain pen/cyclops/umbrella themed contestant on the second season of Galaxy Warriors. She was the third monster send down to deal with the Power Rangers. She has the ability to change into a human (named Jess) who Levi falls in love with.



Spyclops' human form (Jess)

Spyclops was first seen in the Warrior Dome with Odius as she casts spells a sheet of music, she explains the plan to hipnotise the Rangers into becoming evil and steel their Power Stars. Spyclops then goes to Earth and turns into a young human girl name Jess and beggings her performance, Victor and Monty show up with Victor offering her a date, but she turns him down, even after many forms Jess still turns him down, when the Ninja Steel Rangers come along, she continues her song which attacks everybody with the song, with the Gold Ranger coming along and singing along with her, due to that song being one of his and thus, makes Levi fall in love with her.

They ran off together after an army of Basherbots appear, as the Gold Ranger and Jess make their way up a stand, another Basherbot appears and prepares to fight them, but Jess grabs a shovel and defeats the Basherbot, much to the Gold Ranger's surprise, after the Rangers depart Jess then turns back to her monster form and golats on how the Gold Ranger will love her, as both she and Levi are alone Jess talks the Gold Ranger into changeing his cowboy appearance into something new, the sheet of music, as a spell, turns Levi into a jerk and against the Rangers, later on both Jess and Levi appear in stage and attemp to sing a song, but the fans did not like it and began to leave the stage and after the Gold Ranger sang the whole song, he becomes evil, Victor and Monty appears again with Victor now dressed in a cowboy outfit, now annoyed, Jess turns back into Spyclops, scarying off Victor and Monty, as the crowd leave in fear and the Buzzcams appear as the Ninja Steel Ranger approaches, but much to their dismay, they were too late, and to make matters worst, the now evil Gold Ranger destroys the sheet, preveting the Blue Ranger from reading it backwards and breaking the spell. the Gold Ranger then morphs and the Ninja Steel Rangers morph to take on Spyclops and the Gold Ranger. As the Red, Blue and White Rangers battle the Gold Ranger and the Yellow Ranger finds the sheets, the Pink Ranger does battle with Spyclops. Though she was a match at first, the Pink Ranger was able to best Spyclops long enough for the Rangers to undo the spell and free the Gold Ranger, annoyed Spyclops races off to a bigger area were she gains an upper hand agents the Rangers, but she is destroyed by the Red Ranger's Red Tornado Strike Final Attack.

Spyclops is later gigantified and the Rangers summon the Ninja Steel Zords and the Bull Rider Zords and forms the Ninja Steel Megazord and the Bull Rider Megazord to take on Spyclops, she flies away and has the advantage, but is knocked down by the Astro Zord. The Rangers then formed the Ninja Fusion Zord, with this combanation, Spyclops is ultimately destroyed by the Ninja Fusion Zord's Master Slash Final Attack.


As Jess, her personality is a happy go lucky young singer who is kind and polite, she loves music and is also in love with the Gold Ranger.

As Spyclops, she is cold and wicked, doing anything in her power to steel the Ninja Power Stars.

Powers and abilities

Monster form

  • Jess Form: Spyclops can turn into a human name Jess, just like Shoespike could before her.
  • Flying: Spyclops can fly by spinning her umbrella-theme head around.


  • Pen Spike: Around Spyclops's head are a series of pens spikes, for which she can spin them around like a plane popeler.
    • Ink Spray: Spyclops can release a barrage of ink from the pens sticking out the sides of her head, tho she can only do that while hovering in mid air.

Human form

  • Singing:Jess could sing a beautiful song.


  • Guitar:Jess posses a guitar for which she can make a music with.
  • Shovel:Only used against a Basherbot.
  • Music Sheet:An enchanted spell given to Spyclops by Odious. When sung fully the singer becomes evil.

Behind the Scenes


Spyclops is voiced by Teuila Blakley, who would later portray Commander Shaw in Beast Morphers, and her human form is played by Becky McEwan.


  • Just like Toxitea and Cleocatra before her, her Sentai counterpart is actually a male monster. This was changed to make her relationship with Levi non-homosexual which either parents or the censors would likely have a problem with
  • The concept of Levi being brainwashed to fight the Rangers is an American exclusive idea. Although the episode uses Sentai footage of him fighting the Rangers, specifically the shots centred around the bandstand battle, the original context was him being distrusted of the Ninningers that he considered them a threat to him. All shots of Spyclops during this scene were either insert shots away from the other characters or had her digitally edited into the background.
    • Although Kinji did turn evil at one point in Ninninger, it had nothing to do with Spyclops' counterpart and was instead a result of being jabbed by the claws of Western Yokai Wolf Man (who would later be adapted as Dreadwolf).
  • Spyclops' name comes from the words "Spy" and "Cyclops".
  • Spyclops is similar to Beauticruel, a monster from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.
    • Both monsters are females.
    • Both monsters appear in the second season on their series.
    • Both monsters have human forms.
    • Both monsters has a Ranger that fell in loves with them (Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: Tyler, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Levi).
  • Unlike her Japanese counterpart, Spyclops is the second monster who can disguise herself as a human where else her Japanese counterpart can't, being he first monster to disguise them-self being Shoespike.
    • Coincidentally both monsters put a spell on one of the Rangers either changing their personality or turning them evil.

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