This article is about a/an parody dub monster in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

Spunky the Wonder Squid is a "Squid" like monster who was sent to ruin Huba's birthday.

Character History

Spunky was part of a scheme to ruin Huba's birthday by impersonating his rich uncle from outer space, Roger. He first encounters random fishermen, claiming that he was lost and then kills one of them with ink by giving him a black face. He then supercharges himself with the radio which gave him the power to fly and then sapped off more energy from a telephone pole. He then begins to approaching Huba and the Dynakids as they've had made contact with Uncle Roger and Aunt Patty's craft from beyond Earth and making him believe that he was really Uncle Roger, then acted like he was offended for being not believed to be him, and then smashed the machine. The scheme initially works, with Spunky approaching even as the spacecraft floats in the sky with Huba tricked into thinking him, not the beings in the craft, was one of his relatives. During the attack on Huba's nuclear power plant which was given to him as a birthday present, the Dynaman fight the creature, Huba becomes hit and hurt by it until the real Uncle Roger and Aunt Patty strike him, making him regain his happiness for his birthday. DynaBlack and the Dynaman crush Spunky, first with Super Dynamite, then finished him off for good with the Dynaman Robot and thus was truly Spunky's last adventure.


He is a joyful, goofy, fun loving monster who has been known for singing songs like "Can your ears hang low". He is also sometimes gullible to the point of being tricked like Huba claiming to have a magazine of attractive squids. Plus he intends to find other talents besides singing like killing, flying, and growing into a giant.

Modus and Arsenal

His main ability was to absorb energy through electricity, shoots ink that blinds and stings whoever is struck by it, and can shoot bullets out of his tenticles.



  • His voice was similar to that of Baboo from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which was a show at the time wasn't even produced until 1993 and also similar to that of Bullwinkle from the Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends cartoon.

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite being called a squid, in reality the character's suit was in fact an octopus. Thus he's not to be confused with the actual squid monster from Dynaman.

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