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""Got it! I just have to spray whatever I fancy, right?""
―Sprayloid 2's first words when confirming his mission with Enter.[src]
""What?! What?!""
―Sprayloid 2 reacting to Hiromu morphing and his final words before his death.[src]

The Sprayloid 2 (スプレーロイド2, Supurēroido Tsū) is a Metaloid that Escape created when she used the "paint" Metavirus to infect a spray paint can. Sprayloid 2's aerosol paint spray allows him to alter the appearance of his target, though the paint is water soluble. While created to distract Masato from the events unfolding in subspace, Enter gives Sprayloid 2 the task to find out Hiromu's Weakpoint. Managing to pose as Rika to uncover Hiromu's Weakpoint before Masato destroys the aerosol paint spray, Sprayloid 2's attempt to use the Weakpoint failed as he is destroyed by the primary Go-Busters using thier Ichigan Busters Special Buster Mode



  • Identification Number: E-24
  • Install Metavirus: NURU
  • Production Motif: Spray Painter
  • Height: 206 cm. (6 feet, 9.1 inches)
  • Weight: 270 kg. (595 lbs.)

Behind the Scenes




  • Unlike his original counterpart, Sprayloid 2 can say more words than "loid."
  • Unlike Tubaloid, Drilloid, Parabolaloid, and Danganloid, who got upgraded forms, Sprayloid 2 is the only one that's upgrade did not get adapted for Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
  • Sprayloid 2 is one of few Metaloids to not be adapted in Power Rangers Beast Morphers as Robotrons along with Karateloid, Jishakuloid, Keshigomuloid, Kentateloid, MegaZordloid, Omochiloid, Steamloid and Junkloid.
    • The possible reason for this was for Nickelodeon’s 22 episode limit.
    • Another reason for that it could not appear in any pictures cause of the type of dogs and puppies that could be to make Devon the Red Ranger frozen solid.
  • The tenth who is a MegaZord and not adapted in Beast Morphers is MegaZord Zeta.

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