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Sporix Unleashed is the second episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It is the second and final part to the two-part premiere featuring the formal introduction to the Dino Fury Keys (with the Stink, Gravi, and Hyper Dino Keys being the first to appear), the debut of the T-Rex Champion Zord and the T-Rex Champion Zord Battle Mode, Void Knight's first general, Mucus and a new communication system the Ranger Hotline.


Ollie carries out a plan to catch Sporix without his teammates' knowledge. When monsters take advantage of his idea, Ollie realizes the benefit of working as a team.


Zayto begins training Ollie and Amelia in becoming Power Rangers, starting with the morphing sequence on how to follow his movements. Even though Amelia nearly whacks Zayto in the head by swinging her arm too wildly, and Ollie losing his grip on the Power Key after flipping it, the trio eventually gets into sync and morph together. Ollie points out that with six dinosaur statues representing Dinohenge, that means there are more Rangers to join them, with Amelia excited about the idea of recruiting more members. However, Zayto grimly explains that the three other Dino Fury Keys were lost when the Knights that wielded them fell in the war, meaning they are the only ones able to fight the Sporix. Moving onto another topic, Zayto explains that they can boost their powers with the Boost Keys. Before giving a demonstration, Solon contacts Zayto and wants everyone back in the chamber. The Rangers demorph and teleport into the chamber, although both Ollie and Amelia are not used to the feeling of teleporting just yet. Solon explains that she got the defence systems back online, meaning that nobody but themselves can enter the chamber. Also, she has Zayto’s T-Rex Champion Zord on standby, making Amelia geek out of the fact they get to pilot Zords. Then, Solon reveals that when she was cleaning up, she found Void Knight’s scanner knocked away during the fight. While the concern about Void Knight coming back to get it is clear, Zayto is more concerned about warning Pine Ridge about the Sporix. As Amelia begins to suggest how they can get the news out, Ollie suggests that they use the scanner in conjunction with his mother’s drone to find the Sporix before they hatch. Although Solon likes the idea, she is concerned about mixing alien technology with human technology, though Ollie arrogantly brushes that aside. However, Zayto and Amelia argue that they do not have time to do something like that as warning Pine Ridge is more important, and Ollie reluctantly stands down.

The trio teleports into Pine Ridge. Zayto is taken aback by how much Earth has changed since he last saw it, even asking if there are still any dinosaurs around. However, Amelia is in no rush to explain what happened and is more concerned about Zayto’s appearance since having antenna would make him stand out. Fortunately, Zayto reveals that he can retract his antenna into his forehead, making him look human. The trio heads to the Park headquarters, meeting up with Dr. Akana and Warden Garcia, who revealed that they are banned from going near Dinohenge. Ollie and Amelia try to explain to Garcia about the Sporix, but he does not believe them as they wasted too much of his time already. However, Dr. Akana gets concerned about the Sporix and asks Ollie what is going on. Ollie takes his mom aside and explains that the Sporix are real, showing her the scanner and explaining that they could use it in conjunction with her drone.

Meanwhile, Amelia takes Zayto to BuzzBlast so she can warn Jane about the Sporix, only to see her boss give a meeting to the rest of the staff to introduce her new assistant, the J-Borg. Activating J-Borg, Jane has it sign a bunch of paperwork a worker handed her and then collecting the paper that went everywhere. Before Amelia could explain to Jane what is going on, one of the employees shows them a video posted from one of their followers, a green slimy Sporix Beast that was hatched at an undisclosed location. Amelia and Zayto leave to figure out where it hatched.

Back at Dinohenge, Void Knight and Shockhorn return for the scanner he dropped, only to find out that the hole he made earlier was filled up. Also, Void Knight finds out that the chamber’s defence system will not let him create another hole. After hearing Ollie and Dr. Akana coming, Void Knight and the Sprorix Beast retreat to the bushes to watch them set up the drone. Ollie gets a call from Zayto, telling him that the Sporix Beast he and Amelia saw was at the city dam, and he tells his mom that he needs to help them. Void Knight orders the Unicorn Sporix Beast to find him the other one while he deals with Dr. Akana.

The Rangers make it to the dam to see the Sporix Beast, who introduces herself as Mucus and attacks the civilians as they declare themselves as Power Rangers. They morph as Mucus charges at them, only for Zayto to slash at her and turn her into slime, much to their bewilderment. Suddenly, the Unicorn Sporix Beast arrives to take them on, proving to be more of a challenge than Mucus. Zayto pulls out the Stink Dino Boost Key, activating its powers with the Chromafury Saber as extra armour appears on his right arm. Using the Stink Boost, Zayto creates a massive stink cloud that affects everyone, knocking the Sporix Beast down. Before Zayto could get at him, the Sporix Beast summons the Hengemen for help as Mucus reforms herself. While the Rangers battle against the Hengemen, Mucus inadvertently angers the Sporix Beast by calling him a horsey, and he attacks her by stating that his name is Shockhorn. Mucus wants to help Shockhorn, and once learning about Void Knight, she aligns herself with him as they teleport away.

The Rangers return to base and demorph, with Zayto again reaffirming the concern about telling Pine Ridge about the Sporix Beast, just as the video he and Amelia saw at BuzzBlast begins to go viral along with a police report. Ollie tells the two that he gave the scanner to his mother, but that upsets them as Solon already warned him about mixing alien and human technology, along with the fact that Void Knight could be after the scanner as they speak. Ollie is insulted that they do not think his mother can handle herself, but after Zayto teleports the three outside, they see Void Knight forcing Dr. Akana to scan for Sporix. The trio morph and attack Void Knight’s forces, while Dr. Akana uses a spare cable to whip around Mucus. Refusing to let anyone hijack her technology, Dr. Akana sends the drone plummeting to the ground, destroying both the drone and the scanner and sending Shockhorn flying. Void Knight and Mucus retreat as Ollie, deepening his voice due to the rule that he cannot let anybody know he is a Power Ranger, checks on his mom and tells her to get to safety. Knowing that Shockhorn could grow giant-sized at any moment, Zayto orders Ollie and Amelia to find him while he goes to activate the T-Rex Champion Zord.

Shockhorn attacks downtown and eventually grows giant as Ollie and Amelia work out a plan with their Boost Keys. Amelia uses the Gravi-Dino Key to hold Shockhorn at bay, while Ollie uses the Power-Dino Key to attack from above. However, Shockhorn swats Ollie away while breaking free from Amelia’s hold. Fortunately, the T-Rex Champion Zord arrives and attacks Shockhorn with Zayto using his Dino Fury Key to transform it into the T-Rex Champion Zord Battle Mode. Zayto enters the cockpit and has the T-Rex Champion Zord attack Shockhorn, using its agility to its advantage along with its Tail Lash. Reconfiguring to the T-Rex Fist, Zayto summons the Mega Fury Saber and activates the T-Rex Champion Chomp, defeating Shockhorn. Shockhorn reverts to his Sporix cell mode, and Zayto says they must grab it before it hatches into a more powerful Sporix Beast. Unfortunately, Void Knight gets it first and teleports away.

The Rangers teleport back to the chamber and demorph, with Zayto saying that Ollie and Amelie fought well today. However, Ollie feels guilty that his stubbornness put his mom in danger and apologizes for not listening to them in the first place. Both Amelia and Zayto forgive him and decide that it was finally time for them to let Pine Ridge know about them. A morphed Zayto sends a video message out to everyone, telling them to contact the Ranger hotline if they see a Sporix Beast on the loose. Meanwhile, Void Knight takes Mucus to Area 62, an abandoned base that he uses as his base of operations. Void Knight places the Sporix into a machine but is frustrated that even a powered-up Sporix is not enough to power it up, explaining to Mucus that his real plans will begin once his machine is fully powered up.


Dino Fury Keys


  • Despite the previous episode already establishing that Power Rangers and monsters do in fact exist, Warden Garcia is somehow oblivious and does not believe Ollie when hearing him explain the Sporix threat. According to executive producer Simon Bennett, Warden Garcia's reasoning for this was that he was a "conservative doubting individual."[2]
  • When Ollie talks to his mother while morphed, the zipper on the back of his suit can be seen.
  • During the morphing sequence before the battle against Mucus, the Rangers do not fully insert their keys into the Morpher. The footage would then cut to them properly inserting it.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 1
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 0
  • This is the first time the teleportation is seen. This episode also proves one Ranger can teleport the entire team at will.
  • Zayto tells Amelia and Ollie that their identities as Power Rangers must be kept secret.
  • This episode contains a references to Operation Overdrive in that J-Borg is from Hartford Robotics, a company seemingly founded by Andrew Hartford since then.

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