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Sponge Evo (カイメンシンカ Kaimenshinka, 7) is the sponge-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Sponge Shinka was part of a scheme to destroy Tokyo in a sea of fire by siphoning gas from stations throughout the city, then using them to destroy the city by throwing them like bombs at buildings and plants throughout the area. Hokuto Dan became alerted to the scheme due to a boy he was doing motocross training with and initially encountered the Evolution Beast before it escaped. When Sponge Shinka attacked the boy's gas station, he alerted Dan of the attack allowing for the Dynaman to catch up and face the being, weakening it before blasting with Super Dynamite, then destroying it permanently with Dyna Robo after it undergoes Big Bang Process.


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Modus and Arsenal

Its main weapon are "Sponge Balls", small sponges that he uses to collect gasoline from stations throughout Japan. The gas-soaked balls are then used as bombs to cause destruction in any location he throws them. He also has kunai fingers he can fire like spear projectiles and explode, change his size, and has a flamethrower in his eye.


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Behind the Scenes

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