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"Think again! I'm gonna delete your programs!"
―Splitface when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

―Splitface’s last word before his death.[src]

Splitface is a mouth-themed spirit stealing Nighlok who can steal people's spirits and if people don't return their souls until the sunset, they will disappear forever. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Team Spirit".


Splitface is one of Nighloks. He possesses the ability to steal spirits of people and if their souls aren't returned until sunset, they will disappear forever. In the sixteenth episode, Splitface arrived at the Junk of Master Xandred and offered Octoroo and Dayu to increase the level of the Sanzu River by stealing people's souls to make their loved ones cry. Splitface attacked Panorama City and stole the souls of office workers. Then he encountered the Power Rangers. Splitface wielded a claymore in battle, could fire energy blasts from his eyes, and separate his body into balls which he was made of to attack enemies in this state. During the battle, he stole Emily's soul. Splitface told the Rangers that only by defeating him could they return the souls of his victims and their fellow friend, but he would return to the Netherworld and never come back to the human world so they would never defeat him. The Samurai Rangers again tried to battle him, but failed. During the battle, Antonio marked the monster with a Claw Symbol, which allowed them to reach the monster. Splitface left and returned to the Netherworld on the junk and told his fellow Nighloks that soon the Sanzu River will increase as the people, whose souls he stole, will die and their loved ones will cry for them. However, Antonio found a way to summon Splitface back to the human world. Due to the mark of the ClawZord on the monster, the Gold Ranger was able to drag the villain like a magnet. The Rangers used the powers of their symbols to activate the ClawZord, dragging Splitface to the human world like a magnet. Splitface was surprised by his teleportation and again battled the heroes. Now he couldn't separate his body, allowing the Rangers to use their weapons and battle him. The villain was destroyed by Fire Smasher and then returned as a Mega Monster so Antonio went into the ClawZord to battle him. After Antonio gained the upper hand, Splitface summoned giant Moogers, but the Gold Ranger attacked them with the Claw Spinners. Then Antonio transformed his Zord into Claw Battlezord East and then into Claw Battlezord West. Antonio battled the Moogers, but was later overpowered, so Jayden, Kevin and Mike summoned their Zords and formed the Samurai Battlewing, which allowed them to defeat the Moogers. Then Antonio transformed his Zord into Claw Battlezord South and defeated the Moogers. He then battled Splitface and used his Megazord's Double Katana Strike to injure the monster. Splitface was finally destroyed by the Claw Battlezord East's Claw Pincer Slash. After his death, all of the souls he stole were returned. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Team Spirit

Splitface later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven where he recounts his battles with the Samurai Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters


Splitface was a villainous, sadistic, and ruthless Nighlok, who enjoyed his job of kidnapping people's souls and eating them. He considered himself a gourmet of eating souls. Despite his villainous nature, he was revealed to be a coward as he feared to loose to the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Soul Stealing: He can steal people’s souls and if they aren't returned in the next 24 hours, his victims will never wake up.
  • Body Swarm: Splitface is able turn into many floating balls with mouths on them, which resemble the ones on his body and can used to rapidly attack his enemies. After he was marked by Antonio, the Body Swarm wouldn’t work.
  • Eye Blasts: Splitface can fire light blue energy blasts from his eyes.
  • Gap Teleportation: He can teleport to the Netherworld using gaps.
  • Reviving and Mega Monster Form: Just like all other Nighloks, Splitface can revive himself after his death, turning into a Mega Monster.
  • Head Mouth Beam: From the two mouths on his head, Splitface can fire purple energy beams at his opponents.


  • Extraordinary Leaper: Splitface is able to leap at incredible distances.
  • Giant Moogers Summoning: Splitface can summon giant Moogers to aid him.


  • Vulnerability to Power Symbol: He is susceptible to the Rangers' power symbols since Antonio was able to brand him with the mark of the ClawZord, which forced him out of the Netherworld and negated his Body Swarm attack.


  • Claymore: Splitface wields a claymore-like sword for battle.
  • Left Mouth Ball Hand: On Splitface's left hand is a large ball with a mouth for his soul stealing power.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His voice is very similar, if not the same, as Arachnitor’s because they are both voiced by the same voice actor
  • He is very similar to Nojoke from Megaforce since both are voiced by Simon McKinney, and take people as yellow orbs. Also, if the orbs aren’t returned in 24 hours, all of their victims will die.


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