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The Spit Flower was a flower-eating insect monster created by Finster.

Character History

When it eats flowers, the flowers come out as biting little monsters that eat the energy from their targets. After growing, the Spit Flower overwhelmed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode after the Green Ranger caused the giant Spit Flower to surprisingly fall over briefly with his green shield ray blast. Later on, the Rangers discovered the monster's weak spot was its spit sac. Kimberly hit it with the Power Bow's arrows, causing the monster to become frustrated with not being able to form new biting bloomers, giving the Rangers time to form the Power Blaster. The Rangers then used the Power Blaster to destroy the Spit Flower, who needed three blasts from the Power Blaster to finally be taken down, even though the first blast appeared to have knocked off one of his claw arms.

Powers and Abilities

  • Absorbs flowers and spits them out as vicious flowers with teeth
  • Has super armor like skin

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