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Spit Flower was a carnivorous plant monster who served as the titular main antagonist of the episode of the same name."

Character History

It's the day of the Angel Grove Parade and Kimberly wants to build a float for the parade. However, Rita takes the idea and has her Putties destroy the float to be petty and the Spit Flower is created by Finster to sabotage the parade and by extension world peace.

The monster is chosen after he tells Rita that it is a very rare monster in his possession. The Spit Flower can absorb hundreds of flowers into his body and convert them into Biting Bloomers; flowers of various kinds with massive gaping mouths full of sharp teeth to bite and drain his enemy's energy.

Teleporting down into Angel Grove Park, the Spit Flowers absorbs and converts an entire field into Biting Bloomers before attacking Bulk and Skull and chasing them away even as they are consumed by Biting Bloomers.

Detecting the attacks, Zordon summons the Power Rangers (sans Tommy who is busy rebuilding Kimberly's float) and tells them that that the body of Spit Flower is like an armor with few weak places. The Rangers confront the Spit Flower near Angel Grove Park Bridge but he blasts them with Biting Blossoms which weaken them enough for him to immediately blast them all down. Pressing the advantage, Rita tosses her Magic Wand which enlarges the Spit Flower who blasts down the Rangers again. Before it can destroy them however, Tommy finally arrives and fires a beam from the Dragon Dagger so strong that it blasts him out of the Park and into the full city.

With some breathing room, they summon the Dragonzord and Dinozords to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Using the Power Staff's drill tip, they are able to blow away the Biting Bloomers from consuming the city but the Spit Flower easily deflects its blows and even blocks a slash before blasting it with Biting Bloomers.

With the Dragonzord Battle Mode down, Zordon is forced to withdraw the Power Rangers but luckily, they have discovered that the monster's weakness is the bulging mist sack under his neck. Destroy that and, not only will the Spit Flower be unable to produce more Biting Bloomers, but he will be almost completely powerless. Rather than having all six Rangers go however, Zordon keeps Tommy behind as a reserve in case the main five Rangers fail in their attempts.

Returning to Angel Grove Park, where the Spit Flower is human sized again, Kimberly jumps up and uses her Power Bow to destroy the mist sack and another volley wipes him out. The Power Rangers then form the Power Blaster which finally destroys the Spit Flower which also apparently severs his claw arm and knocking him onto his back where he explodes.


The Spit Flower was a completely mindless monster who spoke only in roars and laughs. However, he was shown to be a spiteful, nasty and unpleasant monster who enjoyed eating flowers and creating Biting Bloomers to drain energy from people.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flowers Absorbing: The Spit Flower could eat flowers and turn them into flowers with gaping maws of razor sharp teeth.
    • Biting Bloomer Gust: The Spit Flower could exhale white mist from his mouth and project his biting flowers to drain the energy of his enemies.
  • Energy Blasts: The Spit Flower could fire green energy blasts from the antenna on either side of his head that took down all five Rangers with one blast.
  • Self Shrinking: The Spit Flower was able to shrink down from giant size to human size at will.


  • Super Armor Skin: The Spit Flower had super thick skin which meant that multiple strikes from the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff had no effect on him.
  • Fast Reactions: The Spit Flower was able to block the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff mid-swing in his pincer claw.


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  • Massive Pincer Arm: The Spit Flower had a massive pincer instead of a right arm capable of grabbing the Dragonzord Battle Mode's staff in it.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Spit Flower was voiced by Mike Reynolds in his first role in the franchise. However, he only provided laughs and grunts, since the monster never actually spoke.


  • He appears to be based on a pitcher plant or other species of carnivorous plant.


  • He name alludes to the fact that he is a plant and that he literally spits flowers.


  • The Spit Flower was the first plant themed monster in the series.
  • The Spit Flower was the only monster in the show's history shown to be capable of overpowering the Dragonzord in Battle Mode since the Frankenstein Monster was still destroyed by it despite unleashing a beat-down on it and Fang did not overwhelm it at any point.
  • In Zyuranger, the Spit Flower was attacked by Kimberly riding the Pterodactyl Dinozord and energy slashing him with her Power Bow.
    • This was cut since Mei was unmorphed at the time but this was why his claw arm was suddenly missing when the Power Blaster slew him (since Mei cut it off).


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