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Spirit of the Woods is the 35th episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


While out on his annual early morning jog, T.J. meets a mysterious boy named Erutan, who is determined to protect the forest from careless humans. Divatox sends down Lord Litter to capture the child to use for evil, only to discover that it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull get jobs as paperboys.


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  • Elements from this episode would be used again for the Animus Saga in Wild Force.
  • Final appearance of Bulk & Skull's patrol bike, which was introduced way back in Zeo's "A Zeo Beginning".
  • Final use of the Turbine Laser.
  • Elements of this episode are from Denji Sentai Megaranger, adapted into Power Rangers In Space.
  • This episode was featured on NICKTOON's Mega Mashup.
  • This episode showcases the ability for the Artillery Power to be used by any of the Zords or Megazords in the Turbo Rangers' arsenal, as Siren Blaster, Thunder Loader, Star Racer and Wind Rescue are shown to be able to wield both cannons in their High Stance Mode. This would later be repeated later on in Carlos and the Count, after the Rangers have to use a new Megazord formation, as well as again during the episode Parts and Parcel.


  • The Turbine Laser's blast simply bowled Lord Litter over.
  • Despite not being able to form it without TJ, the four Rangers called for the Rescue Megazord.
  • When transforming the Rescuezords from vehicle to High Stance Mode, the footage playing was the Rescue Megazord formation sequence reversed.
  • It's never explained how TJ and the villains could see Erutan while the other Rangers couldn't.
  • Bulk and Skull are fired for not charging customers for their papers, however customers are usually required to pay the company directly for their subscription instead of the deliverers. This may have just been an excuse for saying that they were making the other deliverers look bad.

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