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Spirit of Life Clotho (命の精霊クロト Inochi no Seirei Kuroto, 21, 22, 31, 41 & 42) is an entity with the power of life itself who usually takes on the form of a child-like being. When the Zyurangers went into suspended animation, Burai followed them in his own chamber. However, an earthquake caused the cave where Burai was sleeping to collapse, crushing the helpless Burai to death. Daizyujin asked Clotho to restore Burai's life, since he was the only person who could summon Dragon Caesar. He was restored to life, but only with a limited life force. Shortly after Burai's revival and his subsequent betrayal of Bandora, Clotho takes him to the Lapseless Room and gives him the Zyusouken. Clotho tells Burai that he has only has a limited lifespan and leaves him with a green candle that represents the time he has left. The Lapseless Room is a chamber where time stands still, and every time Burai goes out to aid his brother, the candle gradually melts away. After Bandora destroys the room, Goushi and Dan attempt to get the Water of Life from its guardian, who is actually Clotho in disguise. She reveals that even with the Water of Life, it is useless to save Burai's life, since he has already died once.

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