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"Get outta here!""
―Spiketron's first words when pulling a guy out of his truck[src]
―Spiketron's final words before his death[src]

Spiketron is a Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Spiketron was first mentioned by Commander Shaw to be breaking into a Morph X Tower in "Section Bravo 4-8" and we first see him harrasing a guy in a truck. Scrozzle then appeared and seemed to have been the one to have created him and floated about acquiring an entire truck of Morph X. Much to his surprise, the Rangers appeared (having been though to have been brainwashed by a movie he created) so he summoned some Tronics and Spiketron joined them in the fight against the Rangers whilst he left to create a Gigadrone. Spiketron fought Devon one on one until Spikedrone showed up and Devon left to destroy it so Spiketron fought Ravi as Zoey joined Devon. When the Gigadrone proved to be too much for the Chopper and Racer Zords, Ravi had to leave so Nate and Steel fought the Robotron and quickly destroyed it with their Striker Sabres' Striker Beast Slash.


Spiketron is shown to be very loyal and obedient to Scrozzle as well as bossy and very impatient since he threw a lorry driver out of his cab.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Spiketron has considerable strength, being able to pull a guy straight out of his lorry. When fighting the Rangers, he stopped Devon's Beast X Sabre and his fist with ease.
  • Durability-Being a spike themed monster, Spiketron has thick armour that meant that a kick to the face from Devon and a slash from the Striker Sabres did nothing except make him stumble back.


  • Fork Arms-Spiketron has large fork like appendages on either hand for combat.

Behind the Scenes



  • Spiketron's counterpart is based upon a fork which is why he has such a strange design.
  • He was also a Robotron that was created off-screen.

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