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―Spiketor when being ejected from the Delta Base and her final words before his containment.[src]

Spiketor is a spike-armored sea urchin alien armed with a sword resembling the Orangehead Krybots' swords and is one the criminals that Broodwing used while invading the Delta Base. Spiketor was taken down and contained by the B-Squad Rangers. He serves as the minor antagonist of the final episode of SPD Endings.


Spiketor was a spider themed alien criminal and he was recruited by Broodwing to aid him in taking over the Delta Base. He was taking part in attacking the Delta Base and fought cadets. He was eventually defeated and contained by Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Endings


Spiketor was a cold, ruthless and brutal criminal and was heavily determined to destroy the Rangers and help Broodwing take over the Delta Base. He is also loyal to Broodwing.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: Spiketor is pretty strong and is able to hold against the rangers.
  • Durability: Spiketor is durable and able to hold the hits of the rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter: Spiketor is skilled in fighting.


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Spiketor Sword

  • Sword: He wields an orange sword-like weapon for combat.



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Behind the Scenes



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  • As the last monster standing against the S.P.D. Rangers, although this was immediately before being taken down, he can be considered the final monster of S.P.D..
  • While his Sentai counterpart is mentioned as the base model for the Orangehead Krybots, hence him wielding the same spiked sword and having the same attack as them, this was never mentioned in Power Rangers.


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