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Spikedrone is a Gigadrone Beta Model  created from the data of Spiketron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Spikedrone was created by Scrozzle off-screen whilst the Rangers were fighting Spiketron and the Tronics. It first appeared in the city, causing mayhem simply by walking around until the Chopper and Racer Zords intercepted it. The Chopper Zord blasted it and the Racer Zord performed its Cheetah Hyper Strike but the Gigadrone withstood both and spewed forth a second Delta Model for help. Both Gigadrones easily overwhelmed the Rangers and their Zords until Ravi arrived in his Wheeler Zord and they formed the Beast X Megazord. Both Spikedrone and the Delta Model tried and failed to stop the formation. However, the Morph X levels in the Megazord were so low that a single barrage of Delta Model lasers and Spikedrone missiles took it apart. Ravi tried some heroism by taking his Zord into Gorilla Mode but was overwhelmed and was nearly finished off by the Delta Model until the Wrecker and Jet Zords arrived in the nick of time and knocked back both Gigadrones. Spikedrone was picked up and flung by the Wrecker Zord and then finished off by the Gorilla Mode's Rocket Storm attack. The Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord then destroyed the Delta Gigadrone using their joint finishing move Collider Crash.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Spikedrone was extremely strong, causing explosions in Coral Harbour just by walking through it.
  • Durability-Spikedrone has extremely thick metal skin, allowing it to withstand the Chopper Zord's Rapid Blast and even the Racer Zord's Cheetah Hyper Strike without getting a scratch. When it had some of it's own attack knocked back at it, it barely reacted.
  • Delta Model Deployment-Like Tooldrone before it, Spikedrone was able to deploy a Delta Model Gigadrone out of it's back after being struck by the Cheetah Hyper Strike to aid it in combat.
  • Missile Launch-Like Shoveldrone before it, the Spikedrone can fire missiles from it's back which it tried to do in order to stop the Beast X Megazord from forming.


  • Fork Arms-Spikedrone has large fork like appendages on either hand for combat


  • Spikedrone is the only Gigadrone in Beast Morphers capable of surviving the Racer Zord's Cheetah (Hyper) Strike. All other Gigadrones either died to it or were never attacked by the finisher.
  • Spikedrone is the only Gigadrone thus far to be destroyed by the Wheeler Zord in Gorilla Mode.
    • Spikedrone is also the first Gigadrone to die before a Delta Model.

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