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―Spikaka's first words.[src]

―Spikaka’s final words before his demise.[src]

Spikaka is a cockroach monster. He and Ironite served as Deviot's guards when he disguised himself as Runtus, a merchant who once had possession of the Pink Quasar Saber.


Both Spikaka and Ironite were drawn away from the shack where Runtus was by Kai's fake bird call and were immediately beaten and tied up. Afterward, with the help of Spikka, Deviot set up the trap for the Galaxy Rangers on the planet Kirassa, using a hidden explosive device with a trigger disguised as the hilt of the missing sword.

When the trap was sprung, both Spikaka and Deviot planned to do away with the Rangers when they were attacked by Karone (who'd managed to reclaim the saber on Onyx). Once the Pink Galaxy Ranger powers were passed to Karone by the spirit of Kendrix Morgan, Spikaka was left behind to distract the Rangers while Ironite attacked Terra Venture. However, the Rangers easily destroyed him with the Lights of Orion Power-Up Mode attack.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Shape-shifting: Spikaka has the power to assume a human form.


  • Durability: Spikaka can withstand attacks thanks to his thick armored skin.


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  • Sword: Spikaka wields a sword in combat.

Behind the Scenes



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