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"Lord Zilpheeza, I am honored you called for me."
―Spiderus's first words[src]
"Why......Lord Zilpheeza...."
―Spiderus's final words before his initial demise[src]

Tactical Psyma Beast Spiderus (策士サイマ獣スパイダラス, Sakushi Saimajū Supaidarasu) is a spider-theme Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza.

Character History

Spiderus was created personally by Zylpheeza as part of a plot to assist him in speeding up the collection of Minus Energy for his mother Grandiene and to defeat GoGoFive. The Psyma Beast collects multiple hostages which GoGoFive tries to save but fail to do as Spiderus analyses the Five Lasers and Life Bird. Soon after, he creates his "Spider Space" within a portal at an amusement park; Matoi tracks them down and enters, but immediately has a hard time due to the brainwash nature of the hostages which attack him and let Spiderus capture him and take him to Zylpheeza. When the other Tatsumis try to rescue their brother, they too become captured by Spiderus and Zylpheeza. However, Mondo takes matters into his own hands by breaking a hole into the Spider Space with the Command Attacker and by presenting his children with their V-Lancers, which they use to break free and to attack both Spiderus and Zylpheeza.

After the eldest Psyma becomes hurt, he decides to kill Spiderus himself in order to create a diversion by having Pierre revive him into a giant while he escapes. GoGoFive use Victory Robo and defeat the giant Psyma Beast with ease.


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His main ability is the usage of webs to capture people, either within a web-like cocoon or onto a regular spider web. But his trump card is his ability to analyze all information regarding weaponry used by an enemy, such as the Five Laser or the Life Bird. Through this analysis, he can create a special "Spider Space" where any weapon he has analyzed prior to the creation of the space will be rendered useless or unreachable. The Spider Space creation does not affect new weapons that were not analyzed prior to the creation of the space, such as the V-Lancers.

Behind the Scenes

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