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Spidertron was a spider monster created by Finster.

Character History

After a brief battle, with the Rangers badly losing, he grows to giant size. Initially they formed the Megazord, and although they were able to hold him off for a bit with the Megazord, but after making him lose his balance, they were under an intense attack and had to separate into individual zords. The Rangers battled the monsters with their individual Dinozords, but he proved to be too much for the individual zords to handle, most notably shaking off the Mastodon freeze spray, using the Tyranosaurus's flying jump kick attack against it, and trapping the Dragonzord in an exploding web. The Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber-Toothed Tiger Zords then combined with the Dragonzord for the first time (against an opponent) to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode (with the Tyrannosaurus assisting it; Pterodactyl appeared to be missing), and promptly obliterated it with the spinning, glowing Power Staff, perforating a hole in its midsection and causing it to fall and explode.
Spidertron clay

Powers and Abilities

  • He can ensnare opponents with webbing.
  • He was shown to be very strong when he threw the Dragonzord around after catching it in a net.


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