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"A not so itsy bitsy spider climbed out of Santa's book."
Slyther as he created her from Santa's Magic Sketchbook.[src]

The Spider Sketch Monster is a spider-based monster drawn from Santa's Magic Sketchbook by Slyther, who she serves in Power Rangers Dino Fury. She is a minor antagonist of the episode “Secret Santa”.


The Spider Sketch Monster was created by Slyther after he drew the monster on Santa's Magic Sketchbook.


Spider Sketch Monster.gif

Unlike the other monsters fought by the Rangers, this monster does not talk, as she only speaks in grunts and roars. Given the lack of a mind, she had no personality other than being a mindless beast who just wants to destroy the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Spider Sketch Monster had no powers.


  • Strength: The Spider Sketch Monster was strong enough to tear an electric tower off the ground.


  • Vulnerability to Water: The Spider Sketch Monster was harmed by the Fusion Ultrazord's water attack.


  • Electric Tower: The Spider Sketch Monster tore an electric tower off the ground and tried to use it as a club, but it was knocked aside.
  • Whistle: The Spider Sketch Monster also had a whistle, but what it could do is unknown since it was destroyed by the Fusion Ultrazord before it could be used.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Spider Sketch Monster only appears as a giant, whereas in Ryusoulger, the Arachne Minosaur appears human-sized and then grows giant. This is possibly because her footage as a human-sized monster could not be adapted as it spent too much time in a school with Japanese school children, unmorphed Ryusoulgers, and a human-sized Tyramigo when its US counterpart is not sentient.
  • The Spider Sketch Monster is the second monster in Dino Fury who was not a Sporix Beast, with the first being Reaghoul.
  • She is the final monster overall in Season 1 of Dino Fury, the first monster fighting against the Rangers & Sentai Counterpart (Minosaur) to be a mindless beast and the second monster in Dino Fury not to be a main or supporting antagonist in the episode.
  • She is easily one of the weakest monsters in Dino Fury given her lack of powers and how quickly she was defeated.
  • With the exception of the shot with her sketch being drawn and grown, she appeared only in Sentai footage making her the first monster in Dino Fury not to have any original footage.


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