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Spider Mozoo (クモモズー Kumo Mozū, 4) is a spider-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark


This monster planted land mines in the ground. Then he grew a vine on the ground, tangling up Goggle-V. Goggle Pink was injured from the vine bomb. The second fight with Goggle-V they stopped another bomb from blowing up. He grabbed Goggle Pink but before he could do anything to her, Goggle Red stopped him. A few moments later, Spider Mozoo ties up Goggle-V in colored string, but he was knocked down. Spider Mozoo received the Ribbon Sparks, then Goggle Pink gets payback by kicking him. Killed by Goggle Victory Flash, but he was revived by Mammoth Kong, then he controlled it. Then he was destroyed by Goggle Robo's Electron Galaxy Cut.

The fall of Spider Mozoo and the Mammoth Kong following the successive destructions of the first three Kongs earned both Dr. Zazoriya and Dr. Iguana the wrath of both General Deathgiller and Führer Taboo. Ep. 5: The Legend Where a Devil Lurks


He could use liquid that spawned plant bombs which could spawn killer vines, release webs from his spinneret and hands, and could crawl on walls.

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