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Spider Monger (クモモンガー Kumo Mongā, 10) is a spider-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

A cackling Monger who used his Monger Spiderlings to execute a series of bombings in various areas. When Sun Vulcan managed to drive me him off, he poses as a guitarist at the Last Chance Restaurant as part of a plan to set up a trap for Hyo by duping a girl named Toshio Oki to date him. Once the trap is sprung, Spider Monger is about to sic a tarantula on Hyo when his teammates arrive to free him. This forces Spider Monger and the Zero Girls to hold Toshio hostage before the Sun Vulcan trio save her and overcome the Monger's Machineman attack formations before being defeated. Enlarged by his Expansion Program, Spider Monger is destroyed by SunVulcan Robo.


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His main abilities include creating small spider bombs called Monger Spiderlings to attack enemies and various abilities with his spinneret and mouth webs such as webbing for trapping and special colored rope-like sticky threads that strangle opponents and controls them. He also has set up multiple tactical measures using the Machinemen to attack Sun Vulcan with his strategies aided by high ability to turn into a human, jumping high, and wall crawling.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

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