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"Queen Bansheera arise, take form in the skies!"
―One of Spellbinder's chants.[src]

"What's happening?!?!"
―Spellbinder's final words before his demise.[src]

Spellbinder is a sorcerer/squid-themed demon that serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "The Queen's Return".


With the planets aligned, Olympius, Loki and Vypra had the Spellbinder perform a ritual to bring back Queen Bansheera. The plan had almost succeeded until the Power Rangers came along, as Kelsey, Chad, Joel and Dana take on Vypra, Loki and the army of Batlings, Ryan and Carter take on Spellbinder, the Spellbinder was too strong for the Red Ranger to handle and was quickly out matched, but the Titanium Ranger came to the rescue with his Titanium Laser Axe Mode, giving the Red Ranger a clean hit on the monster with his V-Lancer which seemed to finish off the monster and knock him out. However, when the Rangers managed to get outside, Spellbinder wakes up and grows giant and the Rangers summon the Lightspeed Megazord and the Max Solarzord to take on Spellbinder, but the monster was too much powerful and had the upper hand, being able to stop a kick from the Max Solarzord and even the Fire Circle finisher had no effect. The Rangers then quickly combined the Zords to form the Lightspeed Solarzord but both the Lightspeed Solarzord and Spellbinder were evenly matched. By then, Queen Bansheera had returned and she conjures a massive tidal wave to wash away all of Mariner Bay. Luckily, the Titanium Ranger retreats back to the area where the Prism Orb lies beneath and destroys it with the Titanium Axe, and not only did it cause Spellbinder to lose his Prism Power, but it also prevented Queen Bansheera from using her tidal wave (she did however return ether way). With the monster greatly weakened, the Rangers used the Lightspeed Solarzord's energy bombardment to take out Spellbinder once and for all. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Queen's Return

Spellbinder is among the demons seen in the Shadow World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sorcerer of the Sands (episode)

He is later among the demons absorbed by Olympius. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Olympius Unbound


Spellbinder is cold, ruthless, and will do anything in his power to bring Queen Bansheera back to Earth. He is shown to be loyal to Olympius, Loki, and Vypra. He is also highly arrogant and confident as he underestimated the Rangers and it caused his defeat.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magical Summoning: Spellbinder was shown to be an immensely powerful magician strong enough to summon Queen Bansheera back into the world. The fact that the villains called upon him specifically suggests that he is likely the most powerful magician in the Demons aside from Bansheera herself.
    • Thundercloud Generation: While performing the ceremony, Spellbinder's summoning chants conjured up a a dark thundercloud that can release gold lightning bolts.
    • Explosions: The summoning also caused massive explosions around Mariner Bay in the form of the prism symbol.
  • Size Shifting: Spellbinder can change his size at will without the aid of Jinxer.
  • Energy Blast: Spellbinder can charge up his hand and fire a massive orange and yellow energy blast. A single blast was strong enough to push back and badly damage the Lightspeed Megazord with just one long stream.
  • Energy Laser: Spellbinder can also fire light green energy lasers from his hands.


  • Strength: Spellbinder is shown to be much stronger than other monsters, throwing Carter and Ryan around like they were made of paper and throwing the Max Solarzord off of him when giant.
  • Mega Durability: Thanks to the prism power, Spellbinder's skin is incredibly durable and practically invincible. He took a hard hit by Ryan's Titanium Laser in axe formation and a blast to the chest by Carter's V-Lancer and not even get a scratch.
  • Deflection: When he grew giant, Spellbinder was able to deflect the Max Solarzord's kick and not even get affected by the Lightspeed Megazord's Saber finisher. The only way for him to be vulnerable was for the prism crystal to be destroyed.


  • Vulnerable Prism Crystal: The prism crystal on Spellbinder's body can be destroyed, weakening him upon its destruction.


  • Staff: Spellbinder is armed with a staff that he can use to bring Queen Bansheera back to Earth and for combat.
  • Claws: Even without his staff, the Spellbinder can fight with his clawed hands.
    • Finger Lightning Beam: Spellbinder can fire yellow lightning beams from his fingertips.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Spellbinder is the only Lightspeed monster to have the ability to change his size without the help of Jinxer.
  • All of Spellbinder's chants are simply normal English words played backwards in editing to sound more mystical. Playing the audio backwards reveals chants like the one at the top of this page.
  • Along with Troika and Infinitor, Spellbinder is one of the strongest and most powerful monsters in Lightspeed Rescue, being highly durable with no weak points and having a huge arsenal of abilities as well as proving to be stronger than even Diabolico when he had the Star Power since he actually fought the Solarzord in a stalemate prior to his Prism Power being shattered.
  • He shares the same name as Spellbinder, a crow-like magic-themed outlaw/monster from Power Rangers Dino Charge.


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