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Spell-Master Pierre (呪士 ピエール Jushi Piēru) is a fly-themed sorcerer that serves as the butler to the Saima family as well as the primary caretaker to Drop, the youngest of the Psyma siblings before his transformation into Dragon Dark King Salamandes

Pierre's Spell Cards

Using the Saima cards provided by his masters, Pierre is able to summon Saima Beasts from the dark world and later revive them as giants using either the Revive cards or the much rarer Golem cards.

He was thought to have been killed when the backlash energy from the Max Victory Robo Sigma Project's Sword crushed him against the wall of a building. Truthfully, it just transformed him into a small fly-like form. He later reappeared in Time Ranger versus GoGo-V to help the Londerz Family. It turns out that during the Timeranger's battle against the giant robot Nova, the energies from this battle inadvertently allowed for Pierre to be revived and allowed him to return to his normal size and form. Using his Saima Magic he made the Londers Prisoners immune to the Timeranger's weapons. But with the help of the GoGo-V (Because their weapons were designed to fight against the Saima Magic) most of the Prisoners were defeated, but Pierre entered the body of the remaining Londerz Prisoner, Boribaru, and became BoriPierre (ボリピエール Boripiēru).

This spell of their Saima Fusion was "Evil power of Saima, give us our last strength!". In the end, Pierre was removed/killed by the Timeranger's Riding TimeRobo, using the energy given to them by the time-displaced Victory Robo.


Pierre of the Saima Clan fused with the Londerz Prisoner Boribaru and became the huge PierreBori. They were brought in by Riding TimeRobo Alpha, with the power from the Victory Robo by vanquishing Pierre's spirit from his body.

Psyma Beasts Created/Enlarged


Spell Master Pierre concept art


BoriPierre concept art

Pierre's motifs are the one of a butler and flies.

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