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"Here we go!"
―Speed King Max's first words[src]
―Speed King Max's final words before his death[src]

Speed King Max (スピード王マックス Supīdo Ō Makkusu, 9), also known as the 'Speed King of Space,' was a champion space car racer who was admired and respected by children throughout the universe, including Dapp. Though notable for his triumphant career, it seemed to come to an abrupt end when he appeared to die crashing into a vending machine in space.

In actuality, he crash landed on a planet occupied by members of the Bowzock, where he was encountered by Zelmoda and Grotch. Grotch brainwashed and deformed him using Forgetfulness Water-Gun, making him into KK Esu (クークーエス Kū Kū Esu), the best dish-washer of the Bowzock. In this form, he could blast lasers from his oversized eye and create an ear-piercing "squeaky clean" hurricane. After being saved by the Carranger and returned to his original self, he died protecting Dapp from Zelmoda. Dapp sat next to his corpse on RV Robo's hand as his spirit went to heaven.

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a damaged Speed King Max with Red Racer



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif in his original form is that of a race car driver.

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