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The Specter Theatre

The Specter Theatre was a dark Gothic theatre serving as the main setting of the three-part episode "The Wedding."


Located in Downtown Angel Grove, the Specter Theatre appears to be an ordinary theatre but is in actuality a nexus void. The Power Rangers are trapped there by Alpha, who has been reprogrammed by Finster as part of a trap to celebrate Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's wedding. Finster recreates an army of monsters to finish them off: the Grumble Bee, the Invenusable Flytrap, the Snizzard, the Robogoat, the Dramole, Eye Guy, the Soccadillo, the Peckster, the Saliguana and Rhinoblaster. The Rangers try to fight but they soon realize that, aside from their costumes, the Rangers have no powers and are unable to access thier Power Weapons.

They manage to escape once through a cave under the theatre, but are transported back by Alpha during a battle with the Peckster and Rhinoblaster once they defeat the Thunderzords. As almost all of the monsters have been attending Zedd and Ritas wedding ceremony, they easily escape again by trapping Rhinoblaster and Peckster in a net and escaping through the cave once more. The Spectre Theatre's fate afterwards is unknown but it can be presumed to be permanently abandoned and rotting outside Angel Grove or Rita and Zedd destroyed it due to being completely useless.


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