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Character History

Speckionian Genio (スペキオン星人ジェニオ Supekion Seijin Jeneio, 28, 29 & Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Charged with taking the freedom of over 1,000,000 people on 124 planets by trapping them in his own mirror world as his "art works". He is also the one who (indirectly) murdered Tekkan Aira's parents, after they inadvertently surprised him during an attempt to escape the Dekas on Earth,under his conscience and Tekkan's mother's request,Genio picks up the kid and let him witness his parents burned alive.

Because of his immense power, he is fiercely hunted down by Tetsu and eventually captured on Crysto, placed on the Alcapo Prison in solitary confinement (away from any reflective surfaces, to prevent him from escaping) as his death would condemn his victims. This infamy also made him something of a celebrity among criminals, acquiring lots of fan mail each day from riffraff attempting to gain his favor by committing crimes as lavish and grand as his own. Two years later, Tetsu would question Genio about a recent rash of copycat crimes, with the Alienizer revealing Pouchien Bolapen as the culprit in exchange for asking Tetsu if he remembered what his mother said at the time of her death. He managed to make Tetsu cry when he tells his side of the story about the final words of Testu's mother. Using the tear, Genio escaped confinement and headed to Earth with intend on fulfilling his vow to make Tetsu suffer. He has a Batsuroid pilot Heavy Industrial Machine Megaroria in order to abduct DekaRed in DekaBike Robo as a cleverly setup trap. Once Tetsu learned how to break Genio's hold on the people he captured, he is finally able to delete him.

Speckionian Genio Dekaranger

In Dekaranger.

Genio is briefly resurrected in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to gather life-force. DekaBreak, DekaBlue, DekaGreen when on a pursuit to delete him.this time,aiming his mirror being no prevail,giving hard time to the rangers,until AbareBlue discovered his another weakness is on his third lumbar vertebrae(Genio's Spine). The rangers join forces and effortlessly defeat Genio for good.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • "Genio" means a genius in Italian.

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