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"How's that?! The best music ever! Let's cacophonize! (どうだ?この最高サイコウ音楽オンガク!レッツ そ~うぉ~うぉ~うぉ~うぉ~ん! Dō da? Kono saikō no ongaku!Rettsu so-wo-wo-wo-n!)"
―Speaker Jamen's first words[src]

"The noises amplified by me, the marvelous Speaker Jamen, are thousands of times more powerful than they are otherwise! (このスピーカー邪面ジャメンさまによって増幅ゾウフクされたおと音源オンゲン数千倍スウセンバイ威力イリョクつ! Kono Supīkā Jamen-sama ni yotte zōfuku sareta oto wa ongen no sūsenbai no iryoku wo motsu!)"
―Speaker Jamen's first words the Kiramagers[src]

"I'll leave the encore for the Jamen Beast...! (アンコールは邪面獣ジャメンジュウでおねがいしまーす! Ankōru wa Jamenjū de o-negai shimāsu!)"
―Final words before death.[src]

Speaker Jamen (スピーカー邪面 Supīkā Jamen) is a loudspeaker-themed red body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release Jukebox Hildon.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Speaker Jamen with his original antenna

  • Soundwaves: Speaker Jamen can produce soundwaves from his head which hurts people's ears. When using Galza's music, he can create massive destructive soundwaves.
  • Antenna Regeneration: If his antenna is severed, he can grow a new one if he absorbs a sufficient amount of Dark Energy.
  • Assimilation: He is able to absorb a human and imprison them within his body.


  • Antenna: He has an antenna on his head that he uses to receive soundwaves. After losing his original antenna, he grew a new one after absorbing Kōya's Dark Energy.


  • Transmission Dependency: He cannot generate sound waves on his own; he can only transmit them from another source.
    • Severed Antenna: If his antenna is cut off, he can't produce any soundwaves.
    • Hijacked Signal: If his signal is hijacked, he will be forced to play whatever is being transmitted, even if he does not wish to do so.


  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 167 kg
  • Jamen: Speaker

Behind the Scenes



  • Speaker Jamen is:
    • The first speaker-themed monster since Speaker Banki from Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
    • The first Red Body Jamenshi used to help summon a Hildon Type Jamen Beast.
      • He is also the second Jamenshi to summon a Hildon Type Jamen Beast in general.
  • His Jamen also seems to resemble a radio before it was modified (in terms of his first antenna).


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