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"Osu! Gaah, nothing special at all."
―Fighting Psyma Beast Spartan's first words[src]

Fighting Psyma Beast Spartan is a cyclops Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.

Character History

Spartan was released by Cobolda to prove the strength of his Psyma Beasts to his younger brother Salamandes, with it acting as a dojo destroyer attacking martial artists to prove itself. When GoGoFive initially face it, he is bothered by their Five Lasers (even if they don't hurt him) and forces the team to only face him physically, which they get crushed with ease. However, it is when Tetsu Bandai, a former teacher of Daimon's, faces the monster, he defeats him easily with his Tornado Drop move, which Spartan admires and chooses to abandon his Psyma cause and even Cobolda to train and learn under him. Even under Daimon's protests, Bandai accepts Spartan as his student and ultimately trains him and teaches him the Tornado Drop, which he ultimately can easily do once learned for his own destructive purposes. Ultimately, Daimon faces him in combat once again, having regained his teacher's trust and using his own training to create a more powerful version of the move: the Milk Tornado Drop, which pummels Spartan right into the ground! After getting up, Daimon and GoGoFive finish him off with a Brothership Attack.

After Pierre uses the Resurrection Card on Spartan, GoGoFive throws Spartan with Victory Mars before destroying him with the Mars Flare.


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As one of the most physically powerful Psyma Beast, his ultimate weapon is his unstoppable body, with muscles that can withstand any and all physical attack making Five Lasers rather annoying even if they can't even hurt him. His main skill is in various forms of fighting, which he uses to crush all opponents. However if there is a move or ability he doesn't know (such as the Bandai-style Tornado Drop), he is willing to train under one who defeats him to learn it to continuously make himself stronger and more skilled.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name comes from Spartan, the warriors of Sparta in ancient Greece. 
  • His motive is that of a Cyclops and a Wrestler.

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