This article is about a/an set of rangers in the Super Sentai series.

Space Team (宇宙チーム Uchū Chīmu) was one of the 32 teams whom participated in the Super Sentai Strongest Battle tournament, starting on A block.


MegaPink Miku Imamura
ChangePhoenix Mai Tsubasa
GingaRed Ryouma
Pink Flash Lou
MegaSilver Yuusaku Hayakawa


  • This team is one of the 6 to have 2 Rangers from the same Sentai (the others being the Vehicle Team, the Legendary Team, the Curveball Team, the EX Warrior Team and the International Team).
  • The inclusion of MegaPink, MegaSilver and GingaRed in this team is likely a reference to the Power Rangers adaptations of their series. While the Sentais involved space elements (Ex: The Megarangers had a base on the Moon and their Mecha were themed after spaceships. In the Gingaman case, the villains were from outer space), their main motifs were other (Megaranger; Technology and Cyberspace, Gingaman; Fantasy and Fairy Tale).
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