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Space Ninsaru (宇宙忍猿 Uchūninsaru?, Movie): Two armored monkey-ninja composed of fire-using Hisaru (ヒザール Hisaru?) and his ice-using lackey Blizaru (ブリザール Burizaru?). They were hired by Jakanja to abduct Laiina from Astrom bringing her to Earth on the Tri-Condor. They ended up in a dogfight with Tenkuujin which results with Laiina crashing the ship although she loses the Tri-Condor when the Hurricanegers save her. They learn that Laiina is needed for the Soul-Eating Ceremony and, upon learning of the location it is being held at, the Ninsaru freeze the villains and take Laiina's essence for their own and to become immortal. Though Laiina is captured the Hurricanegers managed to save her before defeating the Ninsaru with Triple Gadget with Laiina regaining her Tri-Condor. The two villains survived and used their "Gigantic Fusion" Ninpou to assume the titanic form of Combined Space Ninsaru Ashurasaru (合体宇宙忍猿アシュラザール Gattai Uchūninsaru Asurasaru?) who overpowers Senpuujin, Gouraijin and Tenkuujin. Laiina gives the ninja use of Tri-Condor allowing them to form Tenrai Senpuujin for the first time to defeat Ashurasaru.


  • Space Ninsaru/Ashurasaru have no Power Rangers counterpart.
  • The reason for being unadapted for Power Rangers Ninja Storm was due to movie footage costs extra or time restrictions.

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