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Space Life Form Browgoul (宇宙生物ブラウゴール Uchuuseimeitai Buraugōru, 42 & 43): Monstrous alien beasts that feed on the metal of meteors to increase in size. Two known creatures are brought to Earth by Nikareda. The first is used to eat Monten, so Nikareda can impersonate him and direct a meteor to Earth. Though the first Browgoul is killed by Super Dekaranger Robo, its power is transferred to the just hatched younger sibling who overpowers Super Dekaranger Robo before willing the meteor back on its course to Earth. With Nikareda dead, Abrella decided to take advantage and breed the Browgoul himself after Earth's destruction. But the meteor is successively destroyed and the second Browgoul is ultimately destroyed by DekaWing Cannon, energized by Dekaranger Robo, DekaBike Robo and DekaBase Robo in an All-Star Ultimate Buster. It was the loss of the Browgouls that made Abrella decide to proactively fight Dekaranger.

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