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The Space Dragon Palace (宇宙龍宮城 Uchū Ryūgū-jō, Space Dragon Palace Castle), promoted by Hoshi Minato, was the residence of Jark Matter Daikaan Yuterujan where he kept treasures and hostages. The castle fell when the Kyurangers arrived to rescue the hostages, which was achieved by Garu when he got hold of Yuterjan's remote control. In the battle that would ensue, the palace was destroyed but only after all civilians had been evacuated by the Kyurangers, having been used as a shield by Yuterjan's Moraimers Robo against RyuTeiOh.

A Tamatebako box was salvaged as a prize by Balance, aging him by a hundred years when he opened it. However, as Balance was a robot, the effect was of no consequence. Space.14: Exciting! Space Dragon Palace Castle!


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