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Space Cockroach Goki-chan (宇宙ゴキブリゴキちゃん Uchū Gokiburi Goki-chan) is a cockroach enlarged during the Bowzock's experiments with imo-youkan and forced to become the servant of Zonnette. It fights the Carranger twice under Gorotsuki guises: GG Goki-chan (ゴーゴーゴキちゃん GōGō Goki-chan) and II Goki-chan (イケイケゴキちゃん IkeIke Goki-chan)


Originally an ordinary space cockroach, it was made large during Grotch's experiments with Imo-youkan, where it became large enough to threaten Beauty Zonnette before she could subdue it and turned it into her servant. After another experiment where it was enhanced by another of Grotch's machines, it became Bowzock's most powerful dancer, able to create earthquakes with his dancing as long as its tape deck continued to play. Zonnette brings it with to Earth in hoping to use it to cause enough chaos to bring Red Racer to her to confess her feelings. In the midst of a battle with both RV Robo and Sirender, its tape ended up getting tangled and warped, making it finally shrink back down into a normal roach again which is saved by Zonnette before driving away. Eventually restoring its giant size, Goki-chan remained a background member of the Bowzock (alongside the four "Zoku" of the Boso Sentai Zokuranger) to the end of the series.


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