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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Space.9: Burn! Dragon Master (燃えよ!ドラゴンマスター Moeyo! Doragon Masutā) is the ninth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of Ryu Commander, the Ryu Voyager, and Big Bear.


Under intense stress after the Kyurangers were defeated at the hands of Ikargen and Mardakko, Shou Ronpo transforms into Ryu Violet and fights them. His strength is incredible! It far exceeds that of the usual Commander! However, Ryu Violet was fighting using an unfinished system. Lucky and the others manage to get him out of there before they are able to get at him. The Orion suddenly takes on a heavy atmosphere as Shou starts to tell the others about his fight against Jark Matter...


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  • Kyurangers' color in this episode is similar to ToQger (Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Violet).
    • The violet member of both teams are also the mentor of their teams and represents the rainbow.
  • The scene where Ryu Voyager is seen flying in front of the moon echoes a similar scene from the opening sequence of Gosei Sentai Dairanger, where RyuseiOh is seen flying in front of the sun.
  • Near the end of the episode, Shou Ronpo suggests that the team name be changed to Uchu Sentai Jyuuranger (宇宙戦隊ジュウレンジャー Uchū Sentai Jūrenjā, lit. Space Squadron Ten Ranger) to reflect the addition of Shou as their tenth member, though the name change ends up getting rejected by the other Kyurangers. This may possibly be a joke reference to Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, with the katakana for Jyuuranger/Zyuranger being exactly the same.

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