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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Space.42: My Father? The Universe? Lucky's Resolution (父か?宇宙か?ラッキーの覚悟 Chichi ka? Uchū ka? Rakkī no Kakugo) is the forty-second episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of 01*04*05*07*09 KyurenOh and 01*02*04*05*07*09*10*11 RyuTei KyurenOh and the return of the Vice-Shoguns as Akyachuuga.


The true identity of the masked warrior was Lucky's father, King Aslan! Aslan was being possessed by Don Armage in order to fight alongside Jark Matter as their fearsome warrior! His fighting power is incredible, and it overwhelms several of the Kyurangers, severely injuring them. This unexpected reunion with his father has led Lucky to have doubts about completing the mission. If Lucky hesitates, it could lead to the end of the team. Tsurugi questions Lucky's resolution. "Do you want to save your father? Or the universe?" However, Lucky avoids answering him. Meanwhile, the Battle Orion Ship passes through the planetary barrier and heads towards the core of Planet Southern Cross. Large asteroids from the center of the planet suddenly start to glow... What is that?! There's no time to wonder. It's a fearsome fusion of the 3 Vice Shoguns created by Professor Anton...!


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  • The Toei website showed a picture of the Kyurangers (minus Washi Pink, Ryu Commander and Houou Soldier) standing together. However, Naga didn't appear transformed in the actual episode. It's later revealed that he will be shown in the next episode.


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki episode 15, Judging Sento Kiryu!Icon-crosswiki.
  • Viewership: 2.1%
  • Kyurangers featured in closing credits
  • (Super) KyurenOh Combinations:
    • KyurenOh
    • Super KyurenOh
  • RyuTeiOh Combinations:
  • RyuTei KyurenOh Combinations:
  • Lucky Kyutama Luck Test
    • Hint: Moss
    • Color: Green
  • Kyulette Team: N/A
  • This episode features the returns of 02*10*11 RyuTeiOh and the RyuTei KyurenOh since episode 13.
  • Naga and Raptor don't appear transformed in this episode although they were about to transform before Aslan attacked them.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kyuranger DVD 11

Kyuranger Volume 11, DVD

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Volume 11 features episodes 41-44: Space.41: Infiltrate! Planet Southern Cross, Space.42: My Father? The Universe? Lucky's Resolution, Space.43: The Vow on the Holy Night, 'Alright, Lucky!' and Space.44: Don Armage's Identity.
91zR6OMG9IL. SL1375

Kyuranger Collection 4, Blu-ray

Blu-ray Collection 4 comes with 12 episodes.

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