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Space.39: The Great Adventure of Perseus (ペルセウス座の大冒険 Peruseusu-za No Dai Bōken) is the thirty-ninth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the television debut of the Ikkakuju Kyutama and Sasori Orange Ikkakuju Arm since Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode of Stinger, the debut of 02*05*09*11*77 Super KyurenOh and the full debut of Dr. Anton, having previously appeared briefly in a flashback in episode 3.


While Tsurugi and Shou Ronpou are facing the harsh trials of the Cepheus System, Lucky and the others are headed to the Perseus System under assault by Jark Matter! However, the Karo of that system is Mecha Madakko! Mecha Madakko messes with Champ's circuitry and forces him to run away as they attempt to recapture him. Stinger begins to worry about Champ, just when the Kyurangers are transported to an RPG fantasy world! The orders to recapture Champ, remodel Madakko, and the RPG world the Kyurangers are trapped in have been orchestrated by one man: But Professor Anton is supposed to be dead...


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