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Space.35: The Secret of the Universe's No.1 Idol (宇宙No.1アイドルの秘密 Uchū No . 1 Aidoru no Himitsu) is the thirty-fifth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of Don Armage's true form in the present day, the Eridanus Kyutama and the final appearance of Akyanba.


Champ has finally returned and the 12 Kyurangers are once again all together in the present. Their target now is the Jark Matter homeworld: Planet Southern Cross of the Crux System. The time of the final battle is fast approaching… Meanwhile, during their journey towards the Crux System, the Kyurangers were watching live videos of Hoshi Minato, a popular space artist, and felt unsure about his remarks. “Yay! Why don’t you release your emotions?” These were the same words that Akyanba used to seduce Naga. There is speculation that Hoshi Minato might have some sort of connection to Jark Matter. However, Hammie doesn’t believe he is a bad person. Hoshi Minato announces that he is forming an idol group known as “Triple Q,” surrounding Hammie! The Kyurangers are planning to use Hammie to secretly infiltrate the auditions, but nothing could have prepared them for what they discovered next…


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