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Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team! (いくぜっ!怪盗BN団 Iku ze! Kaitō BN-dan) is the second episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the full debut of Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver. It also features the first appearance of 01*03*04*05*06 KyurenOh. Stinger makes a brief appearance in this episode.

This episode broadcast was accompanied by web broadcast of the second installment of Transformation Lessons ~Let's Star Change Together!~


The search is on for the remaining four Kyurangers. Lucky lands on Planet Jigama, and he encounters Balance and Nāga as they lead around Jark Matter. These two people call themselves the "Phantom Thief Group BN", stealing only from Jark Matter. Lucky hears their next aim is to steal a jewel from Jark Matter's space ship Moraimarz, acting to test their luck together. However, they meet the first Daikaan commander, Gamettsui, who Balance betrayed. Elsewhere, Jark Matter's general, Eriedrone, appears before Hammy and the others.


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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki episode 19, A Sudden Fantasy!?Icon-crosswiki.
  • Viewership: 3.1%
  • Kyurangers featured in closing credits
  • KyurenOh Combinations:
  • Lucky Kyutama Luck Test
    • Hint: Sea
    • Color: Blue
  • The opening song has been updated with the following scenes:
    • Lucky and Garu are now wearing their Kyuranger jackets.
    • Name credits for Stinger have been added.
    • Lucky standing on a ledge is replaced with Shishi Red riding on a meteor.
    • Kyurangers transforming together is now a 5-member team instead of 3.
    • Champ, Hammy and Spada floating around with 88 Kyutamas is now with Lucky and Garu added.
  • The scene with Lucky teaching Balance how to use Kyu The Weapon is a parody to the 2016 viral Japanese song "PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen)".
  • Hoshi Minato makes another cameo appearance on TV screens in this episode.
  • For the Closing Screen, both Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver are briefly unlocked.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Kyuranger DVD 01

Kyuranger Volume 1, DVD

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Volume 1 features episodes 1-4: Space.1: The Super Stars of Space, Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!, Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star and Space.4: Dreamy Android.

91VpqaRxoML. SL1378

Kyuranger Collection 1, Blu-ray

Blu-ray Collection 1 comes with 12 episodes.

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