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Space.25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination! (惑星トキ、少年の決意! Wakusei Toki, Shōnen no Ketsui!) is the twenty-fifth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the final appearance of Tecchu.


Ohtori Tsurugi finally became the Kyuranger's ally making the number of Kyurangers 12! However, there is no Spada or Raptor. Under Tsurugi's orders, they were visiting Planet Toki in order to find the Tokei Kyutama. According to Tsurugi, with the Tokei Kyutama's power, one will be able to resist the flow of time, and be able to travel back to the past. Why is Don Armage alive when he was killed in the past? The past could hold a hint as to how to defeat him in the present. Lucky agreed with Tsurugi's plan, and then set out to Planet Toki in order to support Spada and Raptor there. IN order to acquire the Tokei Kyutama though, all 12 springs of the planet must be wound within 30 minutes. The 12 Kyuranger's plan is about to begin! However, Vice Shogun Tecchu appears before the Kyurangers once again...


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