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*[[Gyapler]], [[Quervo]]: {{Nihongo|[[Toshihiro Ogura]]|おぐら としひろ|Ogura Toshihiro}}
*[[Gyapler]], [[Quervo]]: {{Nihongo|[[Toshihiro Ogura]]|おぐら としひろ|Ogura Toshihiro}}
*[[Shishi Red]] - Shishi Kyutama
*[[Shishi Red]] - <!--Hikari (Taiyo, Tsuki), Shishi (All-Star Crash), Shishi (Regulus Impact), -->Shishi (Shishi Voyager), Shishi Kyutama
*[[Sasori Orange]] - Sasori Kyutama
*[[Sasori Orange]] - <!--Sasori (All-Star Crash), Sasori (Antares Impact), Sasori (Sasori Voyager)--> Sasori Kyutama
*[[Ookami Blue]] - Ookami Kyutama
*[[Ookami Blue]] - <!--Ookami (All-Star Crash), Ookami (Lupulus Impact), Ookami (Ookami Voyager)-->Ookami Kyutama
*[[Tenbin Gold]] - Tenbin Kyutama
*[[Tenbin Gold]] - <!--Tenbin (All-Star Crash), Tenbin (Libra Impact), Tenbin (Tenbin Voyager)--> Tenbin Kyutama
*[[Oushi Black]] - Oushi Kyutama
*[[Oushi Black]] - <!--Oushi (All-Star Crash), Oushi (Aldebaran Impact), Oushi (Oushi Voyager)-->Oushi Kyutama
*[[Hebitsukai Silver]] - Hebitsukai Kyutama
*[[Hebitsukai Silver]] - <!--Hebitsukai (All-Star Crash), Hebitsukai (Ophiuchus Impact), Hebitsukai (Hebitsukai Voyager)-->Hebitsukai Kyutama
*[[Chameleon Green]] - Chameleon Kyutama
*[[Chameleon Green]] - <!--Chameleon (All-Star Crash), Chameleon (Hamillion Impact), Chameleon (Chameleon Voyager)-->Chameleon Kyutama
*[[Washi Pink]] - Washi Kyutama
*[[Washi Pink]] - <!--Washi (All-Star Crash), Washi (Altair Impact), Washi (Washi Voyager)-->Washi Kyutama
*[[Kajiki Yellow]] - Kajiki Kyutama
*[[Kajiki Yellow]] - <!--Kajiki (All-Star Crash), Kajiki (Dorado Impact), Kajiki (Kajiki Voyager)-->Kajiki Kyutama
*[[Ryu Commander]] - Ryu Kyutama
*[[Ryu Commander]] - <!--Ryu (All-Star Crash), Ryu (Drago Crush), Ryu (Ryu Voyager)-->Ryu Kyutama
*[[Koguma Skyblue]] - Koguma Kyutama
*[[Koguma Skyblue]] - <!--Koguma (All-Star Crash), Koguma (Polaris Impact), Koguma (Kuma Voyager)-->Koguma Kyutama
*[[Houou Soldier]] - Houou (Houou Voyager)
*[[Houou Soldier]] - <!--Houou (Phoenix End), -->Houou (Houou Voyager)

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This article is about a/an episode in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

Space.24: I Will Be a Shield to Fight! (俺は戦う盾になる! Ore wa Tatakau Tate ni Naru!) is the twenty-fourth episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of Kyutama Dai Gattai Kyutamajin.


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Guest Cast

  • Gyapler (ギャブラー Gyapurā, Voice):
  • Quervo (クエルボ Kuerubo, Voice):

Suit Actors



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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki episode 42, God Arrives!.
  • KyurenOh Combinations:
  • RyuTeiOh Combinations:
  • Lucky Kyutama Luck Test
    • Hint:
    • Color:
  • Kyulette Team: Shishi Red, TenbinGold, WashiPink, KajikiYellow, RyuCommander, Houhou Soldier.

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