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Space.23: Become My Shield! (俺様の盾になれ! Oresama no Tate ni Nare!) is the twenty-third episode of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. It features the debut of 01*03*07*08*09 KyurenOh and 06*10*11 RyuTeiOh and the full appearance of Tecchu.


Ohtori Tsurugi, the man who killed Don Armage with his own hands and earned himself the title of President of the Space Federation. However, there exists no historical record of this event, and Don Armage is still ruling the universe! In order to resolve this mystery, Tsurugi will personally take over the Jark Mater broadcasting waves, and establish himself as "The man who killed Don Armage", to the whole universe! Just then, Jark Matter's top executive arrives, Vice-Shogun Tate! Tsurugi endangers the lives of innocent people while fighting him, Lucky protects them, but Tsurugi insists that in order to save the universe, some sacrifice is needed. Lucky is furious at Tsurugi, and tells him to let him be his shield. Just how can two people who oppose each other so much be able to defeat the Shogun, and save the universe?


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