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Source Code is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-third episode overall.[1] It's the penulimate episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, featuring Evox's backstory and true identity and the final appearance of Robo-Blaze.


Nate makes a horrifying discovery and must rely on the wisdom of an ally to help him work through it.


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  • Original footage during the final battle with Robo-Blaze hadn't blended in with Go-Busters Footage. The original footage had more construction crates and was more sandy while Go-Busters had less crates and had rocks and plants growing around instead of sand.
  • It seems Nate and Steel are still using the Beast-X Morphers instead of the Striker Morphers during the first fight.
  • During the fight against the Rangers and Robotrons resurrected, only Spiketron and Slicertron are seen destroyed by Evox/Venjix's shockwave. Antennatron and Keytron disappear mysteriously.


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