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Source Code is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-third episode overall.[1] It's the penulimate episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, featuring Evox's backstory and true identity and the final appearance of Robo-Blaze.


Nate makes a horrifying discovery and must rely on the wisdom of an ally to help him work through it.


With Evox as their prisoner, Nate finishes modifying the Beast-X Ultra Blaster with a data pack. That way, every blast will destabilize Evox’s coding until he is no more, and Nate is confident that it will work. Returning to Evox’s cell is, Zoey lowers the shields around the virus and Nate begins firing at Evox with the Blaster. The first two blasts make a direct hit as Evox starts to fade in and out of existence, but then, Evox secretly transmits part of his virus into the computer. When Nate shoots again, the virus acts up and brings back the shields as Zoey is unable to bring them back down. Evox taunts the Rangers, telling them that the final chapter of their story has just begun, and transmits himself through the wiring and into the computer. Fearing that he could be going after the Morph-X Towers, the Rangers destroy the computer, only for Evox to make his escape. Knowing that there are only a few computers that have access to the Morph-X Tower system, Nate tells everybody that they must destroy them before he can cause more damage.

They destroy the command room computer just before Evox could download the access computers, but he gets away again. They manage to follow him to the research room and destroy that computer, but when Evox escapes again, they have no idea where he could have gone to. Suddenly, Commander Shaw informs them that somebody accessed the Ranger Vault, and they quickly head to Nate’s lab to stop him. Unfortunately, they are too late as Evox exits the vault with a briefcase containing the RPM Morphers, taking the Red Cell Shift Morpher before downloading data from it. Evox’s body manages to restabilize itself thanks to the download, with the Rangers confused as to why, and Nate fires at him with the Beast-X Ultra Blaster. This time, however, Evox stops the blast before it hits him and downloads it into his system. Evox declares that they are powerless against him as he is more than what they thought he was, even telling Nate that he should know who his real identity is. Nate does not understand what the latter is talking about, so Evox reminds him of what happened.

Years ago, a young Nate was experimenting ways to repower old Morphers by mixing in Morph-X and snake DNA. None of his experiments worked, but then one day, he decided to experiment on the Red Cell Shift Morpher, causing the Morpher to glow purple and spark up. Although Nate deemed it a failure at the time, it caused the Venjix Virus to activate and he was released into the Grid Battleforce system, hiding until the Morph-X Towers were up and running. As Nate starts to put two and two together, Evox reveals his identity to the rest of the Rangers: he is the revived form of the Venjix Virus, the same being that nearly destroyed humanity in the RPM Dimension. Zoey asks Nate if this is true, but the latter is too shocked to answer. Venjix, now back to using his original voice, says that all of this is true, he hid until the Morph-X Towers were finished, and plans to harness the Morphin Grid for his own volition. Venjix swats the Rangers away with an energy blast and walks away with the intent of heading back to the Crystal Dimension. As the Rangers get back on their feet, Devon asks Nate if what Venjix says is true, and the latter says it must be as he is horrified that he released him into their dimension. The Rangers chase after Venjix, with Nate reluctantly joining them, while Ben and Betty confront Venjix in the hallway. However, Venjix simply ties the two up and leaves, with the Rangers hot on his trail.

Jax lets Zoey know that Venjix is in the sublevel of the base and the Rangers morph as they run after him. They locate Evox as the latter uses his virus to revive four fallen Robotrons to fight against the Rangers: Spiketron, Slicertron, Keytron, and Antennatron. The Rangers fight against revived Robotrons as Devon goes after Evox and stabs him with the Beast-X Saber. However, it dissolves into data as Venjix has already downloaded their weapon data, and proclaims that they are useless against him. Venjix sends Devon flying with a blast before using his power to push them back while destroying the revived Robotrons in the process. Venjix smugly asks Nate how it feels to be responsible for the destruction of humanity before firing a blast at the Gold Ranger, causing the latter to demorph. Venjix teleports back to the Crystal Dimension as Nate, racked with guilt over his actions, leaves the Rangers.

Later that day, Zoey finds Nate in the lab and asks him if he is working on something, but the latter says he is done making things as it will be safer. Nate feels that everything that has happened to them was his fault as he was the one who released Venjix into their world, and now that the latter has all his coding back, there is no way for the Rangers to defeat him. Despite Zoey’s instance that Nate could think of something, the latter snaps that she has no idea of how he feels right now and wants to be alone. After that discussion, Zoey turns to Devon and asks him for help on making a trans dimensional call, as she believes there is one person that could help Nate. Back at the lab, a trans dimensional portal opens, and out of it comes Dr. K. Nate recognizes her from Ranger History class, and Dr. K also knows that he is aware she is the one who created the Venjix virus. Recalling back to ten years ago, Dr. K remarked how Venjix’s attack on Corinth was relentless, and despite the RPM Rangers trying their best to stop him, Venjix seemed to have found a way to escape her dimension and into Nate’s. Dr. K offers to help Nate find a way to defeat Venjix for good and save his dimension, but Nate refuses to make another mistake as he did years ago. Dr. K sympathizes with Nate’s despair and wanting to feel sorry for himself as she was like that years ago, but tells him that until he realizes that the world needs him and to let go of his guilt, the world will be doomed. Nate cries that he cannot think of a way to solve the problem as, thanks to his actions, Venjix is more intelligent and powerful than ever, but Dr. K tells him that taking the first step is always the best way to tackle a problem. Then, Nate realizes that they still have the source code inside the Cell Shift Morpher, and believes they could use it to find Venjix’s vulnerable points, which Dr. K believes is a good start. As the two begin to research more into it, the rest of the Rangers secretly watch from the door, happy that Dr. K managed to respark Nate.

In the Crystal Dimension, Venjix gives Robo-Blaze access codes he stole from Grid Battleforce and orders him to go to a Morph-X Tower and upload the codes to activate the Global Network. Venjix plans to use the Global Network to finally harness the Morphin Grid as Robo-Blaze teleports away. Scrozzle asks Venjix if there is anything he could do to help, and the latter says that he is the key to his grand plan. Venjix reveals that he copied the access codes and gives them to Scrozzle.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate and Dr. K are hard at work on an anti-virus arrow using both the data from the Venjix Virus and the snake DNA sample. Although Nate starts to stress about all the things that could go wrong, Dr. K reassures him that it will work. Just then, the rest of the Rangers arrive with Devon announcing that Robo-Blaze was spotted near a Morph-X Tower, confusing Nate as to why the Robo General and not Venjix. Although wants to stay behind and work on the anti-virus some more, the rest of the Rangers convince him to join up since they need the extra hand, and Dr. K says that she can finish up. As the Rangers leave, Ben and Betty offer their assistance, but Dr. K sends them on a mission to gather materials for a special mixture.

Robo-Blaze arrives at the construction site to upload the access codes to the Tower, but the Rangers stop him. The Rangers morph and the main trio goes into Beast-X Mode, charging at Robo-Blaze. Even though the Rangers have the number advantage, Robo-Blaze is still too powerful for them before knocking them down with a powerful slash. Undeterred, Devon and Steel charge at Robo-Blaze, just as Dr. K contacts Nate to inform him that the anti-virus arrow is finished. Nate summons the Beast-X King Ultra Bow, loaded with the arrow, and has Ravi and Zoey hold the ends for support. After Devon and Steel knock Robo-Blaze down, Nate fires a Beast-X King Power Bolt at him, and it works as the anti-virus causes Robo-Blaze to explode, finally bringing an end to the Robo General.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate thanks Zoey for not letting him give up when he was down as they head to the command room. Commander Shaw offers Dr. K a position in Grid Battleforce, but the latter declines as she is needed back in Corinth, fearing that the Venjix Virus could have infected their systems as well. Nate thanks Dr. K for coming to him and showing him that despite being faced with a big problem, he did not have to be alone to face it. Ben and Betty bring Dr. K the materials she requested, but it turns out that it was all to make tea for her. Despite that, Dr. K is impressed that they performed admirably and said they were now welcomed in her lab anytime. With that, Dr. K opens a trans dimensional portal and heads back to her dimension, telling the Rangers to keep their world safe. Just then, an alert goes out that all the Morph-X Towers around the world are being activated, and they cannot shut it down. Venjix then contacts them, taunting them that while they were busy fighting Robo-Blaze, Scrozzle uploaded the access codes to a nearby Tower, and now he has control over all of them. As all the Morph-X Towers converge to the main one, Venjix proclaims that the entire world is at his mercy.



  • Original footage during the final battle with Robo-Blaze doesn't blend in with Go-Busters Footage. The original footage had more construction crates and was more sandy while Go-Busters had less crates and had rocks and plants growing around instead of sand.
  • It seems Nate and Steel are still using the Beast-X Morphers instead of the Striker Morphers during the first fight.
  • During the fight against the Rangers and Robotrons resurrected, only Spiketron and Slicertron are seen destroyed by Evox/Venjix's shockwave. Antennatron and Keytron disappear mysteriously.


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